Know How / Diversification

The income generated by diversification is a vital component of many farming businesses – but it can involve unfamiliar planning, legal, staffing, plus health and safety issues.

This page offers tips and advice to guide you through your diversification journey. You’ll find information to help you to set up and run a thriving new enterprise on your farm.

Key areas of focus:

  • Inspirational farm diversification case-studies
  • Opportunities for grant support
  • Avoiding legal and tax pitfalls
  • Successful staff management
  • Business planning and marketing strategies

Case studies

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How young farm tenants plan to improve hill farm income

Young farmers Daniel Simpson and Ruby Cappleman have big plans to make their Lake District farm more self-sufficient after securing a 15-year tenancy on a National Trust farm last autumn.…


Video: Ice cream diversification doubles value of litre of milk

A dairy farm has increased the value per litre of milk from the 30p it gets from its Glanbia contact to 50p, almost double, through a new ice cream diversification.…


FW Awards: Diversification Farmer of the Year finalists 2018

Dedication, ingenuity and strong leadership are common traits among this year’s finalists, who have each identified a marketplace and created successful diversified businesses in just a small number of years.…


Boxed meat beefs up farm margins and keeps it local

Chris and Victoria Eveleigh have farmed at West Ilkerton on Exmoor for 32 years, running pedigree Devon cattle and Exmoor horn sheep. Together with their daughter Sarah, they have started…


The diversification which helps stop dogs sheep worrying

It is often said that any dog is capable of attacking a sheep – it’s the hereditary wolf in them, and even the most placid pooch can turn killer if…

Practical advice

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So you want to... offer self-storage on farm?

People need storage for all sorts of reasons at different points in their lives. Farmers Weekly looks at the growing market for self-storage and the opportunity it offers farmers. We…


Ultimate Guide: How to plant trees on your farm

Planting woodland and trees on farmland has a range of benefits for arable and livestock farmers - as a timber diversification it can provide an extra income stream, it can…


Guide to managing an established on-farm woodland

When the trees you have planted have been in the ground for several years they will have spread their branches. You will probably notice different wildlife species appearing in your…


Business Clinic: Should I switch from sheep to deer?

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, James Worthington, consultant, Savills Food and Farming sets out what to consider when…


Free-range poultry growth offers diversification opportunity

One of the UK’s largest free-range chicken producers is looking for arable farmers to invest up to £1m and diversify into contract poultrymeat production. Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) already operates…


Selling farm products online - what you need to know

Shopping online is the norm for many consumers these days and more and more farmers are exploring opportunities to sell products via the internet. It's not without challenges, however, so…


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How farms on the edge of cities survive and thrive

Agricultural buffers at the edge of the rural-urban fringe provide their own unique challenges, but they are also home to some of the country’s most successful farm businesses. For many…