Know How / Road legal

Whether you’re a budding young tractor driver who can’t wait to get on the road or an experienced farmer towing heavy trailers or wide loads, we’ll be keeping tabs on all the rules and regulations you need to know about.

Non-compliance can cost drivers and businesses heavily, so this section details age limits, vehicle weights, driver hours, required training and checks that are essential reading for anyone hitting the road with farm machinery.

Key areas of focus:

  • CPC and tachograph rules
  • Tractors on the road
  • Red diesel rules
  • Trailer weights
  • Legal age for driving farm vehicles

Practical advice

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Suffolk PC Mark Bryant has reminded farmers to check which machinery items their 16-year-old workers can legally drive on the road. Holders of the category-F qualification (for agricultural tractors) are…


How to be sure foreign workers can stay road legal

Contractors and farmers are increasingly in need of foreign workers for jobs from vegetable picking to sheep shearing, but employers can find themselves in hot water and with invalid insurance…


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