Know How / Other livestock

Deer farming has increased in popularity as demand for venison has soared and the UK is seeing more goat dairy and meat businesses.

This section looks at some of those other types of livestock farms, how they can be set up and managed.

Key areas of focus:

  • Diversification ideas including other livestock
  • Stock management advice
  • Information and costs on set up requirements
  • Housing needed for different livestock
  • Niche markets for alternative farmed products

Case studies

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Why an Irish beef producer diversified into snails

Snails may not be a regular choice in British and Irish diets, but in mainland Europe they remain popular as an everyday staple and delicacy. Yet, in Ireland, snail farming…


Why deer diversification is a good fit for Welsh hill farm

When the Williams family ventured into venison production, a chief consideration was how it would integrate into their existing beef and sheep enterprises. It meant reducing the sheep flock by…


How a goat farmer has lifted AI conception rates

A dairy goat farmer has increased conception rates by 10% after switching from natural service to a synchronisation and artificial insemination (AI) breeding programme. Gary Yeomans, who farms with his…


Zero grazing helps dairy goat farmer to reduce concentrates

Zero grazing has allowed Irish dairy farmers Haske Knippels and Marion Roeleveld to increase milk production by 100 litres/day while reducing bought-in feed costs. Together, they milk 200 British Saanen…


How a Cornish farm set up on-farm deer processing facilities

Cornish farmers Matt and Pip Smith are hoping to capitalise on soaring demand for British venison having recently launched their own branded meat company, Westcountry Premium Venison. New-Zealand-born Matt, a…


How a young farmer developed a goatmeat business

Young farmer Chris Dickinson had always wanted to come home and farm after spending several years working in the farming industry – most recently at the NFU. But with uncertainty…


Goats prove a viable meat business for farming couple

Damian and Meg McNamara decided to start breeding Boer cross goats to give themselves the best chance of growing their own viable livestock business. Previously they both worked full-time jobs while…


How Aussie inspiration became a Devon deer farming success

Venison is fast becoming a very popular red meat. It is nutrient rich and high protein. The Scottish Venison Partnership (SVP) estimates that total annual UK venison outturn is now…


How to make a profit from milk – with goats

Recording milking data using EID, reformulating rations and improving feed regimes has helped Monmouthshire goat farmer Gary Yeomans increase milk yields by 21% in the past 12 months. Last year…

Practical advice

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5 ways to control parasites in dairy goats

Implementing and maintaining effective parasite control strategies is crucial for maximising productivity and ensuring the overall health and welfare of your dairy goat herd. Parasites can significantly affect the wellbeing…


How to control gastrointestinal parasites in sheep and cattle

Gastrointestinal (GI) parasites are major contributors to reduced ruminant productivity, and if left unmanaged or untreated, can have devastating effects on animal welfare and farm productivity. Large populations of these…


What does it cost to set up a deer enterprise?

With venison being one of the few red meats seeing consumption grow in the UK, rising numbers of livestock farmers are looking into setting up a deer enterprise. Venison prices…


Advice for maintaining goat herd health

Commercial dairy goat farming is growing rapidly in the UK, but keeping herds healthy is a challenge when an animal with a naturally low immunity to disease is farmed in…

6 top tips for getting into milking goats

Higher milk prices are attracting many farmers into goat farming. Independent nutritionist Tom Chamberlain and vet Matthew Pugh from Belmont Vets, Hereford, share their top tips. 1. Be careful with…