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Whether indoor or outdoor, modern British pig production has evolved to high levels of technical performance and efficiency to cope in a huge pork market. Find out more about key management areas, information on issues such as welfare, consumer demands and antibiotics reduction targets.

Key focus areas:

  • Managing health and welfare
  • Farrowing and youngstock
  • Growing and finishing
  • Genetics and breeding decisions
  • Knowing your cost of production

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The identification and prompt treatment of sick animals is a key part of ensuring high animal welfare for livestock producers. Particularly for high-risk enterprises such as pig production, having the…


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Traditional farrowing crates are used in the pig industry as they give piglets the best chance of survival. However the supermarket drive to increase pig welfare in indoor systems could…


2019 Farmers Weekly Awards: Pig Farmer of the Year finalists

From an intensive indoor farrow-to-finish system and a new start-up, to an outdoor low stocking density high welfare system, all three finalists were at the top of their game producing…


How food and drink by-products can cut costs for pig farmers

By-products from food and drink manufacturing are helping to future-proof pig farms from rising feed costs. Co-products can cost as little as £1.20 per percentage point of dry matter (DM)…

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