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Whether indoor or outdoor, modern British pig production has evolved to high levels of technical performance and efficiency to cope in a huge pork market. Find out more about key management areas, information on issues such as welfare, consumer demands and antibiotics reduction targets.

Key focus areas:

  • Managing health and welfare
  • Farrowing and youngstock
  • Growing and finishing
  • Genetics and breeding decisions
  • Knowing your cost of production

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Livestock gene editing: Current rules and potential benefits

The potential to make our own legislation after leaving the EU could provide scope for gene editing of livestock to become mainstream in the UK. Gene editing changes a precise…


Farrowing management advice for stockpeople

Piglet survival and sow health are likely to be compromised if a sound system is not in place during farrowing. Therefore, stockpeople need to ensure that attention to detail is…


How the Finnish prevent tail-biting in non-docked herds

Operating high health pig herds and keeping stress levels low is preventing tail biting in non-docked Finnish pigs. In Finland, they have been operating 100% pigs finished with non-docked tails…


How acidification of slurry can help reduce ammonia levels

Mild acidification of slurry is a solution to help pig farmers meet targets to reduce ammonia emissions, as outlined in the government's Clean Air Strategy launched earlier this year. The…

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