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Farmer Focus: One more go with oilseed rape

It’s been a strange harvest so far, and one that has required a lot of patience keeping the combine parked up when it is over 30C, either because crops aren’t…


A poultrykeeper's guide to ground-source heat pumps

With farm carbon emissions under the spotlight and an increasing emphasis on sustainable agriculture, many producers are moving away from fossil fuels. Ground-source heat pumps offer a good solution for…


Automated mobile dryer simplifies harvest for 160ha grower

When faced with the quandary of upgrading to a newer combine harvester or a more efficient grain dryer, it takes a bit of discipline to plump for the latter. But…


Opinion: Greening was a blunt instrument

The other week, I was talking to an applicant to the Countryside Stewardship (CS) scheme about not being able to use CS options for ecological focus areas (EFAs), and advising…


Grazing cattle help bring back rare blue butterfly

A rare butterfly has been successfully reintroduced into the English countryside after Natural England and partners created the ideal habitat using cows grazing meadows. The globally endangered large blue butterfly…


July tractor sales take big dip

UK tractor registrations in July were 44% lower than in the same month last year, says the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA). July 2019 saw 868 units larger than 50hp registered.…

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