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Our CPD partners are: BASIS - foremost authority in agricultural training and certification; the National Register of Sprayer Operators, NRoSO; and the dairy farming industry training and development body, Dairy Pro.

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Futures markets and commodity risk management online course

Learn all you need to know about the futures markets and how you can benefit from them:

  • Risk management strategies for a more predictable financial performance
  • Educated conversations when collaborating with your advisors
  • Negotiate better prices with your grain merchants

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Growing your knowledge and career prospects

The Farmers Weekly Learning Centre is a dedicated online learning site available to Farmers Weekly readers. Whether you are an agricultural student, a farm apprentice, a farmer, or a farm manager, we have a course that can help you improve your knowledge.

CPD Collections help you:

  • Expand your knowledge and skills through award-winning journalism and advice from independent agricultural experts
  • Record your technical knowledge and expertise on essential agricultural subjects, allowing you to create a profile that demonstrates your learning and skills
  • Earn CPD points with registered professional development accreditation bodies including Basis, NRoSO and Dairy Pro
  • Get the latest information on best practice in arable and livestock farming and business management

Successful farmers never stop learning

Farmers Weekly wants to help farmers become more productive, more efficient and make learning an activity of self-fulfilment rather than a chore. CPD Collections allow you to read up on themed topics and gain CPD points if you take the quizzes.

CPD Collections support:

  • Knowledge transfer: through a custom-built website that hosts information written by national experts on key technical, business and environmental issues
  • Professional farmers: through backing industry CPD schemes and making learning and development more of a priority for farmers
  • Efficiency: through using a simple, easy-to-use online platform that makes it quicker and more convenient for farmers to learn about technical subject areas