Know How / Other poultry

Whether it’s free-range broilers, seasonal turkeys, geese or even quail farming, there is a wide range of enterprises that don’t fit in the conventional laying hen or broiler categories. Here we review alternative poultry production

Our key areas of focus are:

  • The facts and figures you need when considering seasonal poultry production
  • Prevailing market conditions for those looking to tap into the Christmas market
  • How organic, free-range or other systems might fit with your farm business

Case studies

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Grass diet a winner for seasonal goose marketing

Oliver White sees geese as a key part of his enterprise based around the merits of grass-fed livestock. He has a passion for pasture-fed livestock – a topic he is…


How focus on marketing won Scots turkey farm plaudits

Turkey producer, Craig Michie, has focused on growing a strong reputation side-by-side with bird numbers, and is reaping foodie awards left right and centre as a result. We find out…


Surviving bird flu: One duck breeder's story

The outbreak of high pathogen avian influenza at a duck breeder farm in Nafferton rocked the poultry industry. The man in charge at the time has recounted the strain it…


Producer puts greenhouse to clever use to market turkeys

A combination of clever management and intelligent marketing are proving a recipe for success for one Lancashire-based turkey farmer. Fresh air and good marketing may seem an incongruous partnership but…


Farmer invents small-scale gas stunner for turkeys

New rules on electrical stunning before slaughter are causing a drop in the quality of finished turkeys. Jake Davies meets an Essex farmer who believes he has hit upon a…


How turkey producer rears 10 breeds for the Christmas market

Growing turkeys for the festive season can be a challenge. Rhian Price speaks to one producer to find out his secrets to success. Rearing turkeys for the Christmas market is…

Practical advice

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Advice on getting gut health right in young seasonal birds

Gut health and growth performance in seasonal birds can be a challenge from the outset, so careful management of the young flock is key to ensure it achieves its potential.…


What to consider before going into seasonal turkey production

Seasonal turkey production can offer low start-up costs and good margins, but there are pitfalls for those who don’t plan ahead. Before taking the plunge, potential entrants must carefully consider…


Advice to help turkey producers win back sales

Every three years, Kelly Turkeys throws open the doors to its Essex headquarters and welcomes some of the 800-900 small farmers who rear its breeds for Christmas. This year, there…


Avian influenza: The signs and symptoms

Avian influenza (AI) has been spreading across Europe in recent years, with the most recent case in the UK occurring in December 2019 on a Suffolk broiler breeder unit, where…


Top tips on autumn rat management for poultry farmers

Autumn is the time of year rodents really begin to cause problems for poultry farms. After harvest time sources of food beginning to dwindle and temperatures become cooler, so rats…


How to bait properly to control rodents on poultry farms

Controlling vermin populations on broiler units is an integral facet of farm management, but the efforts applied by producers are often found to be ineffective. Rat populations can escalate quickly and…