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Get advice on diversifying into the farm energy sector or using farm-generated renewable energy to cut energy costs. Find out how to maximise anaerobic digestion (AD) plant performance, lease land for battery and generator sites, and grow crops for the biofuels market.

Practical advice

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How the new renewable electricity export scheme works

A new scheme has been launched promising a guaranteed market for surplus electricity generated by renewable energy installations. We asked Roadnight Taylor senior consultant Richard Palmer to explain what the…


Where now for renewable energy on farms?

As financial support for renewable energy disappears, are lower technology costs and increasing climate change publicity creating new opportunities for farmers? Solar The ending of support schemes such as the…


Guide to water heating options for your dairy parlour

Heating water accounts for 23% of the energy costs on a typical dairy farm, meaning savings can quickly be made by operating the most efficient system.  Despite electricity being the…


Tips to help keep biomass boilers running trouble-free

Burning timber from your own woodland in boilers to provide heat for houses and offices seems like a bit of a no-brainer, especially when Theresa May will pay you for…


Advice for farmers on letting land for solar projects

Development of new large-scale solar projects is increasing again after virtually stalling when the government axed the main support mechanism three years ago. Lower equipment costs, rising wholesale energy prices…


How to get the best deal on farm electricity contracts

When seeking a new electricity contract, look beyond headline rates and ask for quotes that show the total cost of the contract over its lifetime, warn advisers. Some farm businesses…

Case studies

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Moscha swivel spreader - a cheaper option to dribble bars

Setting up an energy plant along with all the kit to go with it takes some Brexit-style negotiating with the bank, but Edd Mowbray found a Leicestershire farmer who does…


Shropshire farm sees solar heating payback

It is four years since one of the UK’s largest commercial solar thermal hot water systems, a 192kWth array to supply heat for rearing game birds, was installed for JE…


How one finisher uses waste food for a sustainable system

More than 30,000t of food waste, supplied by local vegetable growers, passes through the gate of beef finisher John Dale’s farm, near Wisbech each year. The waste food is used…

How a dairy farm AD plant saves £20,000 a year

Having dealt with unpredictable milk price and TB for years, it was the promise of a stable income that first attracted the Hunt family to anaerobic digestion (AD). Fed up…


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Opportunities remain in a subdued renewables sector

The number of new renewable energy projects getting under way has nosedived over recent months as financial returns and investor confidence have been hit by policy reforms and support cuts.…


Green energy sees move to alternative finance models

A dramatic increase in renewable energy projects being refinanced over recent months is creating opportunities for landowners but notes of caution too. Refinancing covers a number of areas, from those…


Support plans cast shadow over future for crop-based AD

Plans to limit Feed-in Tariffs (Fits) support for new biogas plants generating electricity from crop-based feedstocks threaten to restrict future energy crop opportunities for growers. The proposals are set out…


Farm energy opportunities remain despite Brexit uncertainty

Although UK energy policy is heavily tied to European legislation, industry experts are confident renewable energy opportunities will remain outside Europe, albeit under a policy framework still to be decided.…