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From nutrient sensors to auto-steer systems, budget guidance kits to electric tractors and clever combine attachments to crop monitoring drones, we’ve got everything covered.

We’ll explain how to get set up with tractor GPS, how to do it on the cheap and what the best options are on the market. Our technology area houses all the information in handy guides and product reviews for you to get stuck in to.

Key areas of focus:

  • Guidance systems
  • Livestock technology including robotic milkers
  • Alternative fuels such as methane
  • Drones and mapping technology
  • Future farm technology developments

Case studies

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Remote-control tractor wins FW's 2021 Inventions Competition

Complex category winner Tom Beach’s remote-controlled tractor Tom Beach’s clever remote-controlled tractor and broccoli harvesting trailer is this year’s complex category winner. The 23-year-old agricultural engineering student works part-time on…


Rural full fibre broadband within reach for Dorset farms

The countryside has long been hampered by tediously slow internet connections that frustrate residents and businesses alike. It is a nationally recognised problem and, to address it, the government has…


How livestock farms cut fertiliser use with precision system

Livestock farmers in the West Country are adopting precision agriculture techniques to match fertiliser inputs more closely to grassland requirements. The techniques, underpinned by a combined package of computer and…


How technology can help improve poultry flock uniformity

An uneven flock is a familiar frustration for poultry farmers. Not only does it make management harder, but it can lead to higher rejects at the processing plant if birds…


Contracting app cuts down time spent on workers' timesheets

An innovative app is helping contractors and farmers reduce the tedious paper trail associated with job recording and workers' timesheets. HarvestYield cuts down on paperwork by sending information straight to…


How mastitis detection tech helped reduce antibiotics use

Wrexham dairy farmer Stephen Massey says using technology to sample individual quarters for cell counts has given him the confidence to start using teat sealant alone on some of his…

Practical advice

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How to make the most of technical data from robots

As well as easing labour pressures and increasing milk yields, robotic milking systems have the potential to generate a huge amount of data that can be used to inform key…


New climate module predicts cereal growth and disease risk

Cereal growers can now benefit from a climate prediction module that uses weather data to forecast key growth stage timings of crops to improve input efficacy and plan workloads. The…


How slurry cooling technology can cut ammonia on pig units

Slurry cooling technology is an effective way to reduce ammonia emissions from indoor pig production, and the heat recovered can be used elsewhere on the farm, reducing bills and cushioning…


Guide to soil moisture sensors: Why use them and the options

There are many good reasons for growers to use some form of soil moisture-sensing technology to monitor conditions and how the water is being used in irrigated crops. First and…


How to decide if investing in dairy tech is worthwhile

The technology available to dairy farmers is developing fast and it can be difficult to decide where to invest your hard-earned cash. To help decide which technology is really worth…


5 bits of kit every poultry farmer should own

If there’s one thing that sorts the best poultry producers from the average, it’s understanding the environment of individual sheds. This is best done by measuring every parameter possible -…


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Is biomethane about to become more commonplace on UK farms?

The jury is still out on the future of fuels, but natural gas in compressed, liquified or renewable form is making a strong case to replace smutty, petroleum-based power sources.…


How gene editing can help farmers target premium food markets

Gene editing has the potential to help change the food we eat, making it healthier and more nutritious as well as boosting its flavour and increasing yields. It also provides…


Emerging tech to improve soil health and cut pesticide use

Soil degradation across the world is costing agriculture average losses estimated at 1.5mm/year on conventionally managed farms and how to reverse this trend is key to the future of farming.…


How arable data analytics could counteract the loss of BPS

Could insights from data analytics drive an improvement in business performance that will counteract the loss of Basic Payment Scheme income? That’s the ambitious objective the 15 farmers in Yagro’s…


Round-up of 9 arable apps that can benefit farmers

Whether it’s selecting which varieties to drill, using data to determine input timings or ensuring machinery and equipment is safe to use, there is a constant supply of new apps…


Suffolk farm tests 5 technologies for post-Brexit future

The first in a regional network of Helix demonstration farms, Suffolk host farmer Tom Jewers is working alongside agronomy company Hutchinsons to test the value and benefits of new technologies…


Side-shift linkage options deliver pinpoint crop weeding

Razor-sharp RTK guidance systems have nailed the art of driving tractors in arrow-straight lines, but they can’t deal with the inevitable wandering of implements on undulating ground and in changeable…


Broadacre spot spraying kits: All you need to know

Weed identification has been a cornerstone of arable farming for centuries, but it may no longer rely on keen eyes, muddy wellies and an encyclopaedic knowledge of botanical enemies. That’s…


Why camera technology could transform broiler management

Farming systems where thousands of animals are together have to primarily rely on the skill of a stockperson’s eye while walking through sheds. There are increasingly sophisticated monitoring technologies that…


How to improve slurry and silage kit with infrared sensors

Scientists have been using near-infrared spectroscopy for decades, analysing everything from blood and tissue samples to livestock forage and grain. But now this technology is starting to migrate from the…

Technology reviews and tests


How do three main farm carbon calculators compare?

Want to know how much your farm is contributing to industry net-zero targets and how to improve? Or are you looking to access carbon trading markets or other financial incentives…


On test: New hard-as-nails Cat S42 smartphone

Many smartphones have come a cropper in merciless farmyard environments, but Cat reckons its latest drop-proof S42 can survive where the bigger names fail. The new rugged handset is built…


Retrofit yield monitor offers crop data on old combines

Canadian outfit Farm TRX has developed a relatively cheap retrofit yield monitor that is able to generate downloadable crop performance maps via apps that run on a standard smartphone or…


How the ATVtrac tracker finds stolen bikes in under two hours

Millions of pounds’ worth of ATVs and farm buggies have been recovered thanks to retrofit tracking systems. The covert kits are fitted discreetly in the machine’s shell and ping regular…


Buyer's guide: Teat disinfection technology

As herd sizes increase and labour sourcing continues to create challenges, more farmers are turning to automated teat disinfection technologies to ease pressure in the parlour and promote efficiencies. Although…


Collar-mounted GPS tracker for lost dogs on test

Whether it’s a working sheepdog or an ancient scruffy terrier that spends most of its time by the Aga, losing a dog is pretty upsetting. Luckily, there are now serveral…


9 new products to be showcased at Dairy-Tech 2019

After the successful inaugural show last year, Dairy-Tech is back for 2019 and will feature lots of the latest inventions and equipment on the market. New products at the event…


Video: Land Rover's butch Explore smartphone on test

Land Rover fans who want a smartphone to match their rugged workhorse are in for a treat with the Explore – a tough handset built to take the punishment of…

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