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From nutrient sensors to auto-steer systems, budget guidance kits to electric tractors and clever combine attachments to crop monitoring drones, we’ve got everything covered.

We’ll explain how to get set up with tractor GPS, how to do it on the cheap and what the best options are on the market. Our technology area houses all the information in handy guides and product reviews for you to get stuck in to.

Key areas of focus:

  • Guidance systems
  • Livestock technology including robotic milkers
  • Alternative fuels such as methane
  • Drones and mapping technology
  • Future farm technology developments

Case studies

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Norfolk grower trials closed-transfer sprayer system

A closed-transfer system for safely mixing and loading pesticides into sprayers has been successfully piloted on several UK farms, offering benefits to operators and the environment. The system transfers neat…


UK pig farm using EID to track piglets from birth

Pig farmer and vet Charlie Thompson, Bridge House Farm, says EID is a tool he could not live without – it is helping him to manage breeding decisions, monitor performance…


App reveals sires worth £120 more in gross margin

Weight gain data from an app has transformed how a beef finisher markets cattle, after revealing a £120 gross margin difference in the best and worst performing sires.  Northern Irish…


How clever mobile cow mast helps improve beef breeding

Cumbrian farmer Edward Dean has built a portable mast to help transfer valuable performance-monitoring data from his Limousin herd in the field back to the farm’s computer. The rolling hills…


Why farmers are mapping fields with free What3words app

An increasing number of farmers and contractors are making use of a free mapping service to provide staff, vets, agronomists and emergency services with accurate directions to specific field or…


Why data is proving useful in one grower's blackgrass battle

Precision agronomy is helping a Cambridgeshire grower and his agronomist fine-tune blackgrass control and improve farm performance. Having taken the plunge and linked his precision farming data with agronomic practices…

Practical advice

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5 bits of kit every poultry farmer should own

If there’s one thing that sorts the best poultry producers from the average, it’s understanding the environment of individual sheds. This is best done by measuring every parameter possible -…


A dairy farmer's guide to robotic milking

Installations of robotic milking machines have surged over the past three years, taking the number of farms using the technology to between 900 and 1,000, or one in 10 UK…


How to avoid drone insurance and licensing pitfalls

Farmers with drones are putting themselves at risk of huge fines because of legal confusion over what constitutes commercial use.   Rural insurer NFU Mutual says it is concerned that…


How a former RAF pilot is improving crop management

A recent tie-up that brings together agronomy and aviation expertise will provide growers with highly accurate and cost-effective aerial imagery to improve on-farm decision making. The use of aerial imagery…


Tractor cab filters: are you protected?

Most operators and farmers will be well aware of the potential risks that working with agricultural chemicals brings, but with the right precautions, users will be kept free from any…


Mechanical weeders: What are the options?

Mechanical weeders could be one way to manage weeds that are proving more difficult to tackle because of resistance and a dwindling number of actives. However, with several different models…

Future Farm Technology Expo Guide

The NEC - 6th and 7th November 2019

Find out what’s on at the UK’s only event dedicated to smart agricultural technology:

  • Plan you day with our seminar schedule
  • Meet the pioneering farmers speaking at the event
  • Discover which ag tech companies are exhibiting

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Video: The world’s first robotic weed mapping service

The world’s first commercial automated weed mapping service, capable of providing farmers with an individual plant view of their fields, is being launched across four UK farms this autumn. Developed…


Broiler production technology trends to watch out for

Poultry farmers have long embraced technology to improve bird monitoring and precision management – and there are always innovations in the pipeline. We review the areas in which new technology…


Tech Talk: Breedr - the precision livestock tool

Due to launch next year, Breedr is a precision livestock tool which aims to ensure farmers get better value for money from their animals. What is it and what does…


How a £77 black box could bring spot spraying to the masses

A Cambridge-based technology firm has developed a simple spot spraying system that has slashed the cost of precision spraying hardware to make it accessible to the farming masses. Cambridge Consultants…


Tech Talk: Experts’ verdict on Tractor Implement Management

It can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to agri-technology, especially when so many new inventions promise to revolutionise the way we farm. In…


Tech Talk: Experts' verdict on the eyeSpot robot weeder

It can be hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to agri-technology, especially when so many new inventions promise to revolutionise the way we farm. In…


Bayer pumps billions into data-driven crop production

The paradox of feeding an estimated 9.7 billion people by 2050 without further damaging our environment and worsening climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. With…


Can electric 4x4s break the diesel stronghold?

Diesel takes a bit of beating when it comes to powering off-road vehicles and hauling heavy trailers around the countryside. It develops high torque at low revs, has relatively low…

Technology reviews and tests


Buyer's guide: Teat disinfection technology

As herd sizes increase and labour sourcing continues to create challenges, more farmers are turning to automated teat disinfection technologies to ease pressure in the parlour and promote efficiencies. Although…


Collar-mounted GPS tracker for lost dogs on test

Whether it’s a working sheepdog or an ancient scruffy terrier that spends most of its time by the Aga, losing a dog is pretty upsetting. Luckily, there are now serveral…


9 new products to be showcased at Dairy-Tech 2019

After the successful inaugural show last year, Dairy-Tech is back for 2019 and will feature lots of the latest inventions and equipment on the market. New products at the event…


Video: Land Rover's butch Explore smartphone on test

Land Rover fans who want a smartphone to match their rugged workhorse are in for a treat with the Explore – a tough handset built to take the punishment of…


Video: Cat's rugged S61 smartphone on test

Smartphones and farm life don't always make for a long and happy story, with rough use, mud and accidents dispatching countless units to handset heaven. Tough smartphones like the new…


On test: Tough Cat S41 smartphone

Excavation specialist Cat offers a range of five smartphones, all built by the Reading-based Bullitt Group that licenses the Cat name along with a stack of other popular brands, including Land…


A guide to effective bird scaring kits for farmers

New technology for farmers with the age-old problem of scaring birds off crops are constantly hitting the market. From lasers, to acoustic systems, to inflatable scarecrows, to kites, we look…


6 budget GPS guidance system options for farmers

More and more industries are making use of the cheap-but-reliable technology offered by tablet computers and smartphones. Unlike complicated, bespoke electronic controllers, these techy little devices can run multiple programmes…

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