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From nutrient sensors to auto-steer systems, budget guidance kits to electric tractors and clever combine attachments to crop monitoring drones, we’ve got everything covered.

We’ll explain how to get set up with tractor GPS, how to do it on the cheap and what the best options are on the market. Our technology area houses all the information in handy guides and product reviews for you to get stuck in to.

Key areas of focus:

  • Guidance systems
  • Livestock technology including robotic milkers
  • Alternative fuels such as methane
  • Drones and mapping technology
  • Future farm technology developments

Case studies

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Canadian farmer builds self-driving grain cart on the cheap

Despite having no background in computer software, farmer Matt Reimer, based in Manitoba, Canada, has managed to rig up an autosteer system that allows his 220hp John Deere 7930 and…


How technology is helping farmers curb sheep thefts

Sheep theft cost the UK £2.4m last year, according to latest figures from NFU Mutual, with livestock one of the biggest targets after machinery, tools and vehicle thefts. Now, a…


Welsh farmers help community install faster broadband

A dozen farmers in a Welsh rural hamlet with dismal broadband connections have helped residents and businesses access one of the fastest internet speeds in the UK by granting free…


Farmer invention solves GPS kit compatibility problem

Canadian farmer Johannes Heupel has solved a problem that has been bugging farm businesses ever since farm GPS and yield monitors were invented – compatibility. The software engineer-cum-farmer has developed…


How combine makers are improving residue-management tech

Increased slug pressure, slow break down into the soil and nutrient lock-up are just some of symptoms of poor harvest residue management. Improving how the combine harvester chops and spreads…

Practical advice

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7 ways to use drones to full potential on arable farms

Drones are becoming an essential bit of kit on arable farms, but if you've not yet used them to their full potential, licensed drone pilot and arable farmer Simon Holtom…


Tips for farmers on picking and fitting a two-way radio

Whether you farm on land that is as level as a billiard table or you’re halfway up a mountain, being able to communicate with your fellow workers is a pretty…


Guide to CT scanning and how it can benefit your flock

Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is improving the national sheep flock, allowing breeders to select their best animals to breed from and providing commercial lamb producers with tups that deliver traits…


How to upgrade your fleet to autosteer for £20k

If you thought autosteer guidance systems were only for those farmers running the latest top-end machinery, think again. Farmers Weekly sets about kitting out a mixed machinery fleet with a…


Ultimate guide to farm security kit

With combating rural crime on the minds of many farmers, Farmers Weekly’s Machinery team has gathered together a selection of high-tech items that could help stiffen up on-farm security.  In…


Q&A: Using CCTV - what farmers need to know

Farmers are increasingly turning to CCTV to protect their farm from thefts. New technology has made it easier than ever to set up camera surveillance, but the rules around data…


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3 new technologies set to help arable farmers

A third-generation SDHI fungicide, a three-in-one plant activator and insecticidal gels that work with lure-and-kill technology are among the developments that might fill some of the gaps being left by…


Video: Smart Ag driverless tractor is labour-saving reality

A small-time Iowan company has beaten the farm machinery big guns to the launch of a driverless grain-carting tractor that, with a bit of tinkering, could be adapted to cultivate,…


Machinery milestones: driverless tractors

The UK played the leading role in the early stages of driverless or autonomous tractor development and the first experimental tractor designed to carry out a range of tasks without…


7 essential arable farming apps

Whether it's looking up the nitrogen requirements for wheat on chalk or helping with the safe use of drones, there is a constant pipeline of smartphone apps promising to make…


Video: High-tech machine to revolutionise slurry pollution

While there has been a reduction in water pollution problems over recent years in England, agriculture is now the sector responsible for the largest number of serious incidents. In this…


How to improve slurry and silage kit with infrared sensors

Scientists have been using near-infrared spectroscopy for decades, analysing everything from blood and tissue samples to livestock forage and grain. But now this technology is starting to migrate from the…


Video: Auto-tractor to revolutionise Canadian field work

The lead in the race for a driver-free, super-efficient arable farming utopia has been taken up by SeedMaster – a little known name in the world of autonomous agriculture but…


3 high-tech solutions coming to improve UK farm productivity

UK farming is lagging behind its key competitors in terms of productivity, as a report from the Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board (AHDB) reveals. It showed that producers in Germany,…


Tech company builds clever maps to make sense of crop data

Inside a few shabby-chic ex-safe rooms in London’s famous Hatton Garden jewellery quarter, some of the best and brightest minds are refining and polishing a technological diamond that is set…


Is a future of methane-powered tractors viable?

If you remember New Holland’s first attempt at a methane tractor back in 2013, you’ll probably recall being hugely sceptical and quite underwhelmed by what was a T6 tractor with…


How a computer game is fostering new interest in farming

The phenomenon that is the online game Farming Simulator is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Farmers Weekly looks at the very real impact it is having on modern-day farming. A…


7 twin-disc fertiliser spreader options for farmers

Fertiliser application technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, with weigh cells, border-spreading devices and section control transforming the accuracy of the ever-popular twin-disc spreader. Unsurprisingly, this increase in technical…

Technology reviews and tests


On test: Tough Cat S41 smartphone

Excavation specialist Cat offers a range of five smartphones, all built by the Reading-based Bullitt Group that licenses the Cat name along with a stack of other popular brands, including Land…


A guide to effective bird scaring kits for farmers

New technology for farmers with the age-old problem of scaring birds off crops are constantly hitting the market. From lasers, to acoustic systems, to inflatable scarecrows, to kites, we look…


6 budget GPS guidance system options for farmers

More and more industries are making use of the cheap-but-reliable technology offered by tablet computers and smartphones. Unlike complicated, bespoke electronic controllers, these techy little devices can run multiple programmes…


High-tech soil scanner delivers margin boosting data

The latest sensing technology to hit British shores is providing the data required to improve soil management and target inputs more efficiently than ever before. A handful of companies have…


Prototype self-propelled round baler raises output

There are already self-propelled sprayers, mowers and foragers, so why not a round baler? A new development from US maker Vermeer introduces a level of automation that takes away many…


On test: Agricision’s low cost on-Trak guidance system

Investing in a full-blown GPS kit might seem a daunting prospect to the uninitiated, but a Berkshire-based start-up reckons its simple lightbar could tempt reluctant stock farmers into the world…


On test: Can wireless CCTV make trailer reversing a doddle?

Wired CCTV systems have been kicking around on combines and other big pieces of kit for years, but moving to wireless set-ups has proved a trickier business. Getting the signal…


On test: Tuffphone offers budget alternative to iPhone

Smartphones are great for calculations, conversions and checking the weather in Turkmenistan, but for all their brainy talents, they are just a little too fragile for life on the farm.…

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