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Whether you run a sheep flock that numbers in the dozens or the thousands, keeping your rams, ewes and lambs healthy and productive is the key to achieving maximum production.

Regardless of your sheep breed, location or system, these pages give you the important health, welfare, nutrition and genetic advice to help make your flock profitable and sustainable.

Key focus areas:

  • Breeding to suit your system
  • Grassland management and nutrition
  • Improving flock health
  • Finishing lambs to suit market requirements
  • Reducing your cost of production

Foot health

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How sheep farmer has reduced lameness to just 3%

First-generation farmer Richard Fairbairn has reduced lameness in his sheep flock from 10% to 3% by vaccinating ewes and changing his buying practices. Mr Fairbairn, who farms in partnership with…


Advice for quarantining incoming sheep to prevent lameness

Poor quarantine is one of the weakest links in the livestock sector, allowing disease to enter farms. Sheep vet consultant Fiona Lovatt from Flock Health says farmers need to start…


Should you trim sheep's feet to control lameness?

Foot-trimming is one of the first tasks many shepherds learn. However, we now know in most cases foot-trimming will make the problem worse. Vet Emily Gascoigne from Synergy Farm Health…


Step-by-step guide to foot-bathing sheep

Many farmers wrongly believe routine foot-trimming helps control lameness and promotes better mobility. But it can actually spread bacteria and exacerbate lameness prevalence within flocks. This is also true of…

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How outdoor lambers lifted twinning rate to 67%

Close attention to ewe body condition score and a strict culling policy in a two-flock system has helped lift twinning rates 12% at a Wiltshire farm. Stonehill Romneys – the…


Why vaccination could help reduce mastitis in flocks

Sheep farmers battling ongoing mastitis rates of 10% or above could benefit from a new vaccine, which has been shown to halve incidence and improve recovery rates. Mastitis is one…


How collaborative group is helping breeders market sheep

A group of progressive sheep breeders from across the UK have established a Maternal Sheep Group (MSG). The farmers are selecting for maternal ability alongside carcass traits to supply commercial…


How lamb kofka recipe helped farmer increase flock profits

A lamb kofka recipe developed by a young Pembrokeshire sheep farmer is allowing him to capture a greater share of the profit margin in sales of progeny from his grass-fed…

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