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Whether you run a sheep flock that numbers in the dozens or the thousands, keeping your rams, ewes and lambs healthy and productive is the key to achieving maximum production.

Regardless of your sheep breed, location or system, these pages give you the important health, welfare, nutrition and genetic advice to help make your flock profitable and sustainable.

Key focus areas:

  • Breeding to suit your system
  • Grassland management and nutrition
  • Improving flock health
  • Finishing lambs to suit market requirements
  • Reducing your cost of production

Foot health

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Sheep farmer abolishes foot-rot in a year through vaccination

Lameness in sheep is not only detrimental to the animal’s health, but has repercussions on performance and profits, estimated to cost £89.80 a case. Government targets from the Farm Animal…


How a Scots sheep farm improved growth and reduced lameness

Addressing mineral deficiencies through a supplementation programme has saved a week on lamb feeding time and improved ewe lameness rates for a high-output Scotch Mule flock. Annual silage analysis reports…


Industry support needed to get sheep lameness under 2%

Sheep lameness prevalence is recorded at below 5% in the UK, but the focus has switched to meeting the Stamp Out Lameness campaign's next target of 2% by 2021. Ruth…


How to diagnose and treat sheep lameness

Sheep farmers are still failing to accurately diagnose lameness, which is hampering cure rates on UK farms, vets have warned. The three main foot diseases that affect sheep are Codd,…

Latest Know How


6 ways to future-proof your sheep business

Farmers looking to improve flock profitability should assess six key areas to reduce bought-in inputs and labour requirements to enable them to farm without subsidy. This is according to independent…


Expert tips to control soft rush in grassland

It is estimated that about 10% of the UK’s 5.18m hectares of rough grazing is in-bye pasture that is at risk from soft rush. A dense and unpalatable plant, it…


Livestock gene editing: Current rules and potential benefits

The potential to make our own legislation after leaving the EU could provide scope for gene editing of livestock to become mainstream in the UK. Gene editing changes a precise…


How a Lincs sheep farm expanded and diversified income

A progressive approach to flock health, combined with hard work and savvy marketing, has seen a Lincolnshire couple expand their sheep business and income. Chris and Louise Elkington of Gelston,…

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