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Whether you run a sheep flock that numbers in the dozens or the thousands, keeping your rams, ewes and lambs healthy and productive is the key to achieving maximum production.

Regardless of your sheep breed, location or system, these pages give you the important health, welfare, nutrition and genetic advice to help make your flock profitable and sustainable.

Key focus areas:

  • Breeding to suit your system
  • Grassland management and nutrition
  • Improving flock health
  • Finishing lambs to suit market requirements
  • Reducing your cost of production


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How to recognise and manage ringwomb in livestock in labour

Ringwomb is also known as incomplete dilation of the cervix more than six hours after foetal membranes appear at the vulva. If the onset of first-stage labour was missed (in…


3 ways to capitalise on high sheep scanning percentage

Favourable grazing conditions have lifted scanning rates on many UK farms, with one vet practice reporting an average increase of 10-15%. At Carmarthen Veterinary Centre, scanning percentages are up 10-15%…


Tail docking lambs: Advice, legislation and methods compared

Tail docking is routinely carried out to avoid soiling of the fleece around a lamb’s rear and thus prevent fly strike - a painful condition where flies lay their eggs…


How oral dosing was cut by 70% in high-input flock

A County Durham shepherd is heading into the 2020 lambing period hoping to continue using fewer antibiotics in neonatal lambs after a major reduction last year. Graeme Wood, who has…

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How hill farmers are improving upland ground and stock rates

Fencing in-bye land and rougher hill ground has enabled Scottish beef and sheep producer Alex Brewster to lift stock units by 51.2 and give up 40ha of rented ground. Since…


What causes silage clamp slippage and how to avoid it

Uneven density is the biggest cause for silage slippage in UK clamps, an AHDB-funded study has concluded. The 18-month study, which was conducted by independent consultant Dr Dave Davies of…


How Anglesey farmers have cut antibiotics at lambing by 60%

Sheep farmers on Anglesey have cut antibiotics use during lambing by almost 60% over a two-year period. By improving nutrition, hygiene, colostrum quality and management, a group of seven farmers…


How farmers are benefitting from feeding ewes maize silage

Feeding a 50:50 ration of grass and maize silages to pregnant ewes three weeks before lambing is improving their ability to produce milk. Home-grown maize silage is fed to the…

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