Know How / Sheep

Whether you run a sheep flock that numbers in the dozens or the thousands, keeping your rams, ewes and lambs healthy and productive is the key to achieving maximum production.

Regardless of your sheep breed, location or system, these pages give you the important health, welfare, nutrition and genetic advice to help make your flock profitable and sustainable.

Key focus areas:

Breeding to suit your system
Grassland management and nutrition
Improving flock health
Finishing lambs to suit market requirements
Reducing your cost of production

Latest Know How


How mineral blood test helps cut barren rates

Analysis of ewe bloods for minerals in late gestation prompted a change in supplementation that has cut barren rates from 5% to 1.6% for an Aultbea-based sheep breeder. Ryan MacLean…


Flock genetics beat challenges to hit 170% reared budget

Prolific flock genetics and skilful management have overcome setbacks to get a lowland sheep flock hitting budgets, three years after being established. Farm manager Ben Smith says the accounts at…


Tips to manage worm challenges and benefit lamb growth

Farmers must learn to “clean-graze” lambs to reduce worm burdens, rather than routinely relying on anthelmintics. This was the message from Matt Colston, who said farmers need to relearn the…

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