Know How / Sheep

Whether you run a sheep flock that numbers in the dozens or the thousands, keeping your rams, ewes and lambs healthy and productive is the key to achieving maximum production.

Regardless of your sheep breed, location or system, these pages give you the important health, welfare, nutrition and genetic advice to help make your flock profitable and sustainable.

Key focus areas:

  • Breeding to suit your system
  • Grassland management and nutrition
  • Improving flock health
  • Finishing lambs to suit market requirements
  • Reducing your cost of production

Latest Know How


How forage analysis can improve winter sheep feed planning

Sheep farmers were reminded of the importance of getting forage analysed to create a winter feed plan, at the recent Virtual Celebration of Sheep Farming. Speaking at a webinar organised…


How soil focus avoids supplementary feeding on Welsh farm

A system of grazing dictated by a strict pasture recovery period is building soil organic matter and increasing plant diversity on a Welsh livestock farm that produces lamb from grass…


A guide to working out drench resistance in your flock

Testing for anthelmintic resistance in sheep is important to get parasites under control. We talk to Ben Strugnell of Farm Port Mortems, County Durham, to find out the best way…


Alternative bedding for sheep: What to consider

Materials used to bed sheep at lambing must deliver on comfort but other considerations are needed, not least protecting the ewe and her lambs from potentially harmful organisms. Straw is…

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