Know How / Layers

With margins becoming ever-tighter, well-performing laying hens are absolutely essential to a profitable poultry business. Here, you will find our full archive of technical features and guidance that will help you achieve persistent, productive laying hen cycles.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Good practices for rearing, transfer and early lay
  • Advice on feeding strategies to ensure the best feed conversion
  • Reviews of the latest technology and equipment for the poultry sector
  • Help in managing birds through ever-longer laying cycles

Latest Know How


A poultrykeeper's guide to ground-source heat pumps

With farm carbon emissions under the spotlight and an increasing emphasis on sustainable agriculture, many producers are moving away from fossil fuels. Ground-source heat pumps offer a good solution for…


Everything you need to know about poultry feed additives

According to the British Poultry Council’s latest report, overall antibiotics use on UK poultry meat units fell by more than 80% between 2012 and 2018, to a total of 16.2t.…


How an egg producer tackled gut disease with bacteria spray

A no-antibiotics strategy to control necrotic enteritis in layers at one Welsh free-range unit has lifted egg production to 4% above target and reduced seconds. James Ford’s 12,000-bird Hyline flock…


A guide on how to improve water quality on poultry units

Issues with water quality that are left unaddressed can have long-term negative effects on a flock, both in terms of bird welfare and the economic impact of disease and poor…

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