Know How / Layers

With margins becoming ever-tighter, well-performing laying hens are absolutely essential to a profitable poultry business. Here, you will find our full archive of technical features and guidance that will help you achieve persistent, productive laying hen cycles.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Good practices for rearing, transfer and early lay
  • Advice on feeding strategies to ensure the best feed conversion
  • Reviews of the latest technology and equipment for the poultry sector
  • Help in managing birds through ever-longer laying cycles

Latest Know How


How to prepare pullets for laying in multi-tier systems

Margins are tight in poultry production, and a traditional pinch point where savings can be found has often been pullet rearing, where farms often forgo specialist equipment in favour of…


Rearer's advice on getting pullets off to a good start

Modern hybrid hens are genetically sophisticated and achieving their productive potential will only be possible if the development period from chick to hen is carefully managed. Attention to detail is…


3 key ways to control salmonella in layers

The introduction of live vaccines for salmonella in layers in the early part of the last decade and the UK national control programme have been effective at controlling the bacteria. But…


Why home-mix rations are making a comeback on poultry farms

Market conditions are tough for free-range egg farmers and one of the ways to manage the risk of lower returns, is to take control of the largest input cost any…

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