Know How / Layers

With margins becoming ever-tighter, well-performing laying hens are absolutely essential to a profitable poultry business. Here, you will find our full archive of technical features and guidance that will help you achieve persistent, productive laying hen cycles.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Good practices for rearing, transfer and early lay
  • Advice on feeding strategies to ensure the best feed conversion
  • Reviews of the latest technology and equipment for the poultry sector
  • Help in managing birds through ever-longer laying cycles

Latest Know How


Advice on cleaning free-range poultry sheds

Planning turnaround and the logistics is a big undertaking. But a well-executed clean can help set a new free-range flock off to a flying start. Andrew Watson of Bowler Eggs…


Why LED lighting can improve layer and broiler margins

Research work has shown modern lighting systems can increase layer production by up to 38 eggs a hen and gross margins by 0.87p/kg on broiler units. But lighting often slips…


How free-range egg unit slashed bills with solar electricity

When June and Frank Armstrong’s power supply company quoted a figure of £150,000 to hook up their new poultry shed to the mains electricity network, it forced a rethink. The…

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