Know How / Potatoes

In a tough potato market, our potatoes page aims to help you grow a more profitable crop in the face of rising inputs and volatile markets.

This is your starting point for addressing challenges such as disease and weed control, finding ways of managing pests, exploring precision farming and protecting the environment.

Key areas of focus:

  • Getting establishment right
  • Planning fungicide strategy
  • Keeping on top of weeds
  • Meeting market specifications
  • Planning irrigation schedules

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Brothers Peter and Philip Le Maistre are sixth-generation Jersey farmers and for them this potato season has been the worst since covering spuds with plastic started to be used on…


How fungicide data is helping to combat potato blight strain

Fungicide use data reveal that potato growers have already adapted their strategies to manage a new resistant strain of blight, although more needs to be done to combat the threat…


3 fungicide strategies to fight resistant potato blight

Potato farmers will have to rethink their blight programmes this season after the dramatic increase in a new strain of blight last year that is resistant to a key fungicide.…


Controlling weeds without linuron in potatoes

Good levels of early weed control can still be achieved in potato crops despite the loss of a key early-season herbicide, by picking the right mix of alternatives. Linuron, which…

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