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From getting your first job in agriculture to maintaining your work skills and developing your career, we provide advice and insights. Find out what courses, qualifications and experience can help you get your foot on the ladder and how to make your CV attractive to future employers.

Hear from others working in agriculture to discover the range of different careers and find the one that’s right for you.

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Case studies

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How a council tenancy got a new entrant onto farming ladder

Greenfields Farm may only be 12ha but it has given Aled Harper a foothold in farming and a hunger to grow his business. In the three years since he was…


7 tips for new entrants from a first-time poultry tenant

At 18, Tim Clarke set a target to one day farm in his own right – an ambitious goal for someone with no background in farming and no assets to…


How share-milking can provide a route into dairy farming

Gregor and Lynne Ramsay credit share-milking with allowing them to get a foot firmly in the dairying door. Born and raised in the small rural village of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Mr…


How a young dairy farmer began contract farming

Dairy farmer Jimmy Pritt believes contract farming is a good option to consider for those looking to manage a dairy business or expand an existing one. He says not only…


How these young farmers got their farming jobs

Farming can be a difficult industry for young farmers to get their foot on the ladder but perseverance can pay off. We find out how four young farmers found their…


One year on: Britain’s youngest council farm tenant

Britain’s youngest council farm tenant has survived a difficult first year by working hard, utilising his local community, remaining flexible and taking up diversification opportunities. Joe Rabicano was just 18…

Practical advice

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How farmers can bust 4 common myths about working in ag

The post-Brexit era and the impact of Covid-19 have had many people across the country questioning careers and work-life balance. Some have chosen to continue to work from home, turning…


Getting into dairy farming: Options for new entrants

Buying land for £13,000/acre (£32,000/ha) or renting at more than £250/acre (£6,100/ha) in dairying areas is extremely challenging for a young business without much equity.  However, if you are young,…


What Lion Training Passport scheme means for poultry staff

Until recently, it has been possible for farms to diversify into free-range egg production as long as the required land area was available. This opportunity has seen a rapid growth…


5 tips for new entrants from award-winning mixed farmer

Starting a new farming business can be a huge challenge, with many people finding it a struggle to step into the agricultural world. But with careful planning, budgeting and a…


Advice to help progress your farming career

Whether you have been brought up within farming or are new to the industry altogether, it is worth taking time to carefully plan the next step of your agricultural career.…


Expert tips on making the most of your ag course

You want to make the most of your time at college or uni, right? Farmers Weekly asks five leading academics for a few pointers on what to do – and…


Job profile: What’s it like to be an agricultural solicitor?

The law has always attracted bright, ambitious young people, but specialising in agriculture can make for a fascinating, fulfilling career. Thirty-one-year-old Charlotte Razay, a solicitor with Michelmores’ agriculture team, advises…


Job profile: What’s it like to be an agricultural reporter?

Agricultural reporters are tasked with keeping their ear to the ground within the farming industry for the latest news and insights into the topics that matter to farmers most. It…


Job profile: What it's like to be a dairy extension officer

There are a wide range of job opportunities in the food and farming sector. Farmers Weekly asks what it is like to be a dairy extension officer. Name Becky Miles          …


Job profile: What’s it like to be a sprayer operator?

If you love the sound of being behind the wheel of the latest big kit, have an eye for detail and a passion for precision, then a job working as…


Job profile: What it's like to be a farm machinery technician

The range of job opportunities in the food and farming sector is huge. Farmers Weekly talks to a machinery service technician to get an insight into the role. Name Jason…


Job profile: What's it like to work for a technology start-up?

As the farming industry gets ever more technical, there is a need to encourage computer science graduates into this exciting, fast-paced and rapidly growing industry. Farmers are increasingly looking for…

Who to work for?


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Farm apprenticeships: Everything you need to know

Apprenticeships are mutually beneficial arrangements between an employer and an employee that allow practical skills to be built up alongside an educational programme. Employers enjoy being able to mould young…


Study reveals what a farm manager is worth

The average farm manager earns £49,523 including any bonuses and profit share payments. In addition to this, they receive an estimated £8,368 in non-cash benefits such as housing, vehicle use…

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