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From getting your first job in agriculture to maintaining your work skills and developing your career, we provide advice and insights. Find out what courses, qualifications and experience can help you get your foot on the ladder and how to make your CV attractive to future employers.

Hear from others working in agriculture to discover the range of different careers and find the one that’s right for you.

Key areas of focus:

  • Guidance on qualifications and careers in agriculture
  • Applying for jobs
  • CV writing and interview tips
  • Job profiles
  • Skills development

Case studies

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How and why ag students should start their own business

With fresh thinking and bags of energy to back them up, young people can make amazing entrepreneurs. Taking on the extra work of starting up a new business may seem…


Young entrepreneur uses AD energy to power tomato business

The entrepreneurial daughter of an Aberdeenshire contractor is harnessing green energy produced on the family farm to power her fledgling tomato and chilli-producing business. Ellie Sinclair, 23, cultivated a passion…


Job profile: What’s it like to be a land agent?

If you’re a people person with great organisational skills then a career as a land agent could be ideal for you.  Land agents are responsible for the negotiation and acquisition…


Duchy of Cornwall: Creating opportunities for new entrants

For new entrants looking for ways into farming, the Duchy of Cornwall offers excellent opportunities as it has a policy of prioritising those starting out in the industry. Read about…


What's it like to be a Young Farmers’ Club field worker?

If you are organised, good at problem solving and great with people, the role of field officer working for a Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs could be for you. It’s…


Job profile: What’s it like to be a Red Tractor assessor?

Maybe it’s not exactly a red-letter day, but the annual Red Tractor audit is a very important one if you have signed up to the farm and food standards scheme. Few farmers relish preparing for the on-farm…

Practical advice

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12 things to be when applying for your dream farm job

Applying for jobs? Everyone knows that qualifications and real-world experience are important, but don't forget that would-be employers will be just as interested in your personality. Here we identify 12…


9 ways to get into farming

For those without a farm to inherit, getting into agriculture isn’t always easy. But it can be done. Familiar pathways into the industry include farm management and taking on a…


What's next? Options for farmers' children leaving school

A new year brings new beginnings - and for school leavers, this means considering what will happen after exams are finally over. What’s the best choice - home to the…


8 bits of advice for farmers writing in a local paper

You know the drill. An innocent little email drops into your inbox from the editor of The Ambridge Chronicle. It reads: “We wondered whether you'd like to write something about farming.…


4 step-guide to recruit and retain staff on your dairy farm

As dairy farms get bigger, employees must take a more structured approach to recruiting and managing staff. That’s the advice from independent management consultant Nollaig Heffernan, who believes dairy farmers…


8 secrets to progressing up the ag careers ladder

Getting your first job in the agricultural sector is a real milestone, but what does it take to get the next one and the one after that? If you’ve got…


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What's new in the world of land-based college courses?

Educational opportunities in the land-based sector are constantly developing, to reflect the changing needs of employers and the rapid growth of technology. Farmers Weekly highlights some of the newer courses…


The A to Z of careers in agriculture

Looking to get into agriculture, but not sure where to start? Our careers A to Z is here to give you a flavour of what a varied and dynamic sector…


Fertile Minds 2016: Insights and innovation

Great insights and inspiration abounded when young farmers gathered in Cumbria for the Fertile Minds conference, run by Farmers Weekly in association with NFU Mutual. The delegates heard from  a…


How we can attract new entrants to dairy

Dairy can offer a fantastic career to new entrants but the industry needs to encourage and inspire the next generation to take up the opportunity. Tony Evans, head of business…