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From getting your first job in agriculture to maintaining your work skills and developing your career, we provide advice and insights. Find out what courses, qualifications and experience can help you get your foot on the ladder and how to make your CV attractive to future employers.

Hear from others working in agriculture to discover the range of different careers and find the one that’s right for you.

Key areas of focus:

  • Guidance on qualifications and careers in agriculture
  • Applying for jobs
  • CV writing and interview tips
  • Job profiles
  • Skills development

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Case studies

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One year on: Britain’s youngest council farm tenant

Britain’s youngest council farm tenant has survived a difficult first year by working hard, utilising his local community, remaining flexible and taking up diversification opportunities. Joe Rabicano was just 18…


How staff training is benefiting performance on pig unit

A varied, extensive training programme has helped maintain and improve employee knowledge at one of the largest family-run pig genetics businesses, Rattlerow Farms. The programme has also improved staff motivation…


'How I went from tractor driver to farm manager of 3,000ha'

Beset by more challenges than most as he chased his dream of becoming a farm manager, Michael Balls has refused to give in to hurdles that his severe dyslexia has…

Practical advice

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What Lion Training Passport scheme means for poultry staff

Until recently, it has been possible for farms to diversify into free-range egg production as long as the required land area was available. This opportunity has seen a rapid growth…


5 tips for new entrants from award-winning mixed farmer

Starting a new farming business can be a huge challenge, with many people finding it a struggle to step into the agricultural world. But with careful planning, budgeting and a…


Advice to help progress your farming career

Whether you have been brought up within farming or are new to the industry altogether, it is worth taking time to carefully plan the next step of your agricultural career.…


Expert tips on making the most of your ag course

You want to make the most of your time at college or uni, right? Farmers Weekly asks five leading academics for a few pointers on what to do – and…


Tips for agriculture students on securing financial help

So you’ve decided what you are going to study and where – next comes the question of how you are going to pay for it. While students can get loans…


How to create an alluring covering letter

The aim of a covering letter is to encourage potential employers to read your CV. While a CV sets out your skills and experience, the covering letter gives you the…

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Job profile: What's it like to be a farm vet?

If you love being outdoors and want to help farmers on a daily basis then becoming a farm vet could be a perfect job for you. Farmers Weekly asked farm vet…


Job profile: What’s it like to be a field trials manager?

Agricultural trials play a crucial role in testing a huge range of farm inputs or practices, including seeds, fertilisers and pesticides. These products or practices need to be tested in…


Job profile: What's it like to be a herdsman?

If you like the idea of working with animals in a role with plenty of responsibility, a job as a herdsperson could be perfect for you. They are responsible for…


Farming careers: Working as an ag business change officer

Agricultural careers are not just about driving tractors or tending to livestock but include a variety of professional roles. We talk to the business change officer at Farmcare about what…


Job profile: What's it like to be a calf specialist?

If you're great with people, enjoy getting stuck in to solving problems and have a good working knowledge of farming then a job working as a calf specialist could be…


Job profile: Working for a poultry breeding company

Agriculture is a global industry, where feeding the world is the key aim of those working in the sector. If you would like to feel part of that global picture,…

Who to work for?


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Farm apprenticeships: Everything you need to know

Apprenticeships are mutually beneficial arrangements between an employer and an employee that allow practical skills to be built up alongside an educational programme. Employers enjoy being able to mould young…


Study reveals what a farm manager is worth

The average farm manager earns £49,523 including any bonuses and profit share payments. In addition to this, they receive an estimated £8,368 in non-cash benefits such as housing, vehicle use…

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