Know How / Broilers

Modern broiler production combines the application of technology with animal husbandry. Done right, the sector can offer a farm business a highly profitable enterprise relative to the space required for an installation.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Getting birds off to the best possible start
  • Managing broilers without antibiotics
  • Improving the welfare and performance of birds
  • Reviewing changes to regulations, assurance schemes and retailer requirements that affect your business

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Vermin can leave a big dent in a poultry farm’s feed conversion figures and the damage they cause to housing and equipment is costly. As the days get shorter and…


A step-by-step guide to cleaning your poultry shed

Cleaning sheds and equipment between flocks is critical to reduce the presence of viruses, bacteria and protozoa, which are all potentially pathogenic to incoming stock. “The previous flock will have…


Avian influenza prevention tips and how to handle an outbreak

Avian flu is every poultry producer’s worst fear; infection can cause widespread mortality, and confirmation of the disease will usually trigger a cull of the flock, followed by stringent cleaning…

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