Know How / Broilers

Modern broiler production combines the application of technology with animal husbandry. Done right, the sector can offer a farm business a highly profitable enterprise relative to the space required for an installation.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Getting birds off to the best possible start
  • Managing broilers without antibiotics
  • Improving the welfare and performance of birds
  • Reviewing changes to regulations, assurance schemes and retailer requirements that affect your business

Latest Know How


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Influencing gut populations to promote better health, reduce the use of antibiotics and improve performance has arguably become as important as bird genetics in recent years. Getting nutrition right –…


A poultrykeeper's guide to spotting and controlling blackhead

Vets are urging poultry flock-keepers to take precautions against blackhead after a warm, wet summer saw a rise in the number of cases. Blackhead, or histomoniasis, commonly causes reduced weights…


The new EPEF 420 broiler standard and how to achieve it

Aviagen's Ross 400 Club was introduced to recognise farmers achieving the highest performance on broiler farms. Entry to the club is for those farmers that have achieved a European production…

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