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4 alternatives to spreading poultry manure on land 

Poultry farmers are increasingly looking at practical uses for poultry manure to future-proof their businesses and achieve additional income. The amount and timing of spreading on land – the most common way…


4 areas to focus on when rearing broiler chicks

Chick start has been proven time and again to be the most important element of broiler production. Birds reaching at least target weight by seven days are more likely to…


How to control smells on poultry farms

Keeping a tight lid on smell is one of the primary responsibilities of the poultry farm manager. Statutory authorities have a duty to deal with odour complaints from a variety…


Managing gut health in broilers explained

The impressive genetic improvement of poultry growth rate has led to a modern bird with a very low feed conversion, high average daily gain and low mortality. This improvement in…

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Case studies


How a North Yorks broiler breeder manages expansion

North Yorkshire broiler breeder and pig farmer Matt Donald is building for the future, optimistic that the 2-3% growth in poultrymeat consumption will continue as the UK’s 65 million population…


Avian influenza: One farm's robust plans to combat the threat

Chief among the threats to any poultry business in the UK is the incursion of avian influenza (AI). It is possible to reduce the risk of it finding its way…


New gas stunner offers higher welfare for poultry farm

Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) is to become the first business in the world to stun both chickens and turkeys in a new multi-stage carbon dioxide stunning system. The company believes…


Distillers' dried grains with solubles a viable feed

As part of the £2.6m Defra and industry-funded Link programme, “Environmental and Nutritional Benefits of Bioethanol Co-Products (Enbbio)”, recent trials, have proved that wheat distillers’ dried grains with solubles (wDDGS) can be…

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100% organic poultry rations: Challenges and solutions

Organic poultry production has long had a challenge in getting feed rations right. Farmers adopting the system accept that bird performance will be lower but, in theory, birds reared under…


Is now the right time to go into poultry farming?

Consumer demand for eggs and poultrymeat have risen steadily over the past 10 years. Buoyant markets have already prompted hundreds of farmers to diversify into broiler and free-range egg production.…


The robot flock helper that's improving feed conversion rates

Installing robots in broiler sheds to keep birds active may improve mobility towards the end of crops and, as a result, crop uniformity, a small trial has suggested. Robochick is…


Latest feed science trends for poultry production

Yeast-based dietary interventions are effective at significantly reducing the level of natural campylobacter spp colonisation in the broiler caecum. The study, carried out at Alltech’s European bioscience centre in County…

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Biggest poultry research centre in Europe opens in Scotland

Scotland is pushing ahead with its aim to become a global leader in agri-research, with the opening this week of a new £5.6m poultry research centre on the outskirts of…


Poultry sector denies it relies on a 'mountain of drugs'

Poultry producers have been defending their track record on the use of antibiotics in the face of suggestions by the BBC’s Countryfile programme that the sector is actually using a…


Pret A Manger commits to slow-growing broilers

Pret A Manger has become the first cafe chain in the US to commit to improvements for the welfare of chickens raised for its food operations. The company, which has 70 stores in…


BPC appoints chief executive

The British Poultry Council (BPC) has appointed Richard Griffiths as its chief executive. Mr Griffiths, has worked for the BPC for 11 years and has been promoted from his former…

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Trial explores feeding live insects to broilers

Researchers in the Netherlands are looking at how the inclusion of insect larvae may improve the diet and enrich the environment of commercial poultry. A small-scale trial, which began on…

US poultry sector strikes back at welfare abuse claims

One of America’s top three poultrymeat producers, Perdue Farms, has launched a new website to help consumers better understand indoor chicken production. The move follows a spate of bad publicity…


Video: Highs and lows of a rookie broiler farmer

“A real learning curve” is how Harry Shepherd describes his first months as a broiler farmer, pointing to disease challenges and equipment issues that have all added to the mix.…

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