Know How / Broilers

Modern broiler production combines the application of technology with animal husbandry. Done right, the sector can offer a farm business a highly profitable enterprise relative to the space required for an installation.

Our key areas of focus are

  • Getting birds off to the best possible start
  • Managing broilers without antibiotics
  • Improving the welfare and performance of birds
  • Reviewing changes to regulations, assurance schemes and retailer requirements that affect your business

Latest Know How


4 pitfalls to avoid when upgrading poultry shed windows

Since 1 October 2020, all buildings that house poultry have had to fit windows to meet Red Tractor standards.  For many farmers, this means retrofitting units in order to comply.…


How to manage staff exposure to poultry dust

Respiratory disease is a major health risk for UK poultry farmworkers, with incidence of occupational asthma double the national average. Staff are exposed to many different airborne particles that are…


How a borehole is saving free-range egg producer £5,000/year

Installing a borehole to draw a private water supply is resulting in cost savings of about £5,000/year for a Pembrokeshire free-range egg business. Lyn and Carol Jenkins diversified from dairy…


A guide to improving poultry shed insulation

Good insulation will keep poultry housing at an even temperature throughout the seasons, reducing heating and ventilation costs. However, older types of insulation may be less efficient due to outdated…

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