Know How / Health and safety

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK because of the high level of fatal accidents and life-changing injuries.

Learn from the experiences of farmers who have been involved in an accident and read practical advice on how to make working on your farm safer.

Key areas of focus:

  • Preventing accidents such as falls from height
  • How to handle livestock safely
  • Safety around machinery
  • Slurry handling safety
  • Pesticide storage

Advice and tips


What is lasting power of attorney and why is it so important?

Officially naming someone to have the power to take care of your financial affairs if you suffer an incapacitating illness or injury will allow a your business to function more…


Q&A: Rules on handling asbestos on farm explained

Many older buildings on farms contain potentially hazardous asbestos material which can be dangerous to human health when removed or repairs to damaged buildings are required. Farmers Weekly spoke to…


Rule reminder: Child safety on farm

Keeping children away from dangers at work isn't a problem in most professions, but for those who live on farms and have children, extra awareness is paramount. It can be…


How to protect staff and produce at farmers markets

Keeping staff, food and customers safe is a priority when selling at farmers’ markets. NFU Mutual technical manager, Nathan Brew, highlights five key areas of concern for farmers. See also:…

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Apps to assist lone farmers after accidents

We've all heard of tragic accidents that could have been prevented had the victim have been found earlier. But often, outlying fields, or out-of-the-way hillsides, are remote places that, if…

Team approach to cutting on-farm accidents

Farmers' wives and daughters are being targeted as potential leaders of farm health and safety in a bid to cut the number of fatalities and accidents in agriculture. Rural insurer…

It's time for a farming safety culture revolution

An industry that understands risks and how to avoid or manage them, where a fatality is a rare occurrence and health and safety is seen as integral to good business…

Complacent livestock handlers risk death

Over the past 10 years, an average of one person a week has been killed by an on-farm accident - and that includes the deaths of 81 people working with…

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Case studies


Video: Farmer shares lessons learnt fighting huge crop fire

Since the early start to harvest at the beginning of July, Twitter has been awash with reports of crop fires across the country, exacerbated by tinder-dry conditions. As the hot,…


'I lost my leg in a farm accident' - a farmer's story

Harvest is one of the most dangerous times of the year for farmers, with long hours and heavy machinery making the potential for fatal or serious accidents higher than usual.…


How a farm contractor rebuilt his life after losing an arm

It was a hot day on 6 August 1998 – a date Gainsborough-based contractor James Bannister will never forget. The sun was shining and he was dressed in a T-shirt…

How to avoid accidents on poultry farms

Health and safety may not be everybody’s favourite subject, but it has to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to farming.  [caption id="attachment_1201203" align="alignnone" width="900"] Left to right: Farm…

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Let's work together to improve farm safety record

If you work on a farm, statistics show you are less likely to make it home tonight than most other people who are at work today. Agriculture is one of…

Why are older people twice as likely to die in a farm accident?

If you work on a farm and you’re 65 or over, statistics suggest you’re significantly less likely to make it home tonight than someone who is younger than you. In…

Why accidents in agriculture remain stubbornly high

Despite its green and pleasant image, agriculture remains one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Rick Brunt, the Health and Safety Executive’s head of agriculture, tells Caroline Stocks…


Rural road safety in the spotlight

If you judge a driver solely on how much experience they've had behind the wheel, young farmers should be some of this country's best. Just think about how much practice…

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Sussex farmer 'trampled to death by cattle'

A Sussex farmer who died while feeding his livestock may have been trampled by his own cattle, according to police. The body of Stephen Sandys, 64, was found by his partner, Christine, in…


Farming company fined after threshing machine accident

A Devon farming company has been fined after a worker was dragged into a reed threshing machine. John Dullam, 44, was working on the reed combing machine at Narracott Farm,…


Older farmers most at risk from fatal injuries on farm

Older workers are especially vulnerable when it comes to farm safety, figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have confirmed, with almost half of all workers killed on UK…


Police appeal after young farmer killed in tractor crash

Police in are appealing for information after a young farmer was killed in a road traffic accident in Northern Ireland. Philip Capper, 29, died after the John Deere tractor he…

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Video: Farmer shares lessons learnt fighting huge crop fire

Since the early start to harvest at the beginning of July, Twitter has been awash with reports of crop fires across the country, exacerbated by tinder-dry conditions. As the hot,…


Video: Tractor crashes into 130kV electricity pylon

A farmworker had a lucky escape after his tractor hit a National Grid electricity pylon – demolishing the structure and causing a major power outage. Emergency services were called to…


Video: Tractor near miss on level crossing

This is the heart-stopping moment a tractor driver cheated death after narrowly avoiding a collision with a train on a level crossing. Dramatic footage has emerged from the cab of…


Tractor run tribute held in memory of popular farmer

A tractor run has been held in memory of a hugely popular Kent farmer who died following a farm sprayer accident. Alan Dimbleby, 62, from Pratt’s Bottom, died after a…

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