Know How / Health and safety

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK because of the high level of fatal accidents and life-changing injuries. Learn from the experiences of farmers who have been involved in an accident and read practical advice on how to make working on your farm safer.

Key areas of focus:

  • Preventing accidents such as falls from height
  • How to handle livestock safely
  • Safety around machinery
  • Slurry handling safety
  • Pesticide storage

Case studies

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Norfolk grower trials closed-transfer sprayer system

A closed-transfer system for safely mixing and loading pesticides into sprayers has been successfully piloted on several UK farms, offering benefits to operators and the environment. The system transfers neat…


Video: Farmer shares lessons learnt fighting huge crop fire

Since the early start to harvest at the beginning of July, Twitter has been awash with reports of crop fires across the country, exacerbated by tinder-dry conditions. As the hot,…


'I lost my leg in a farm accident' - a farmer's story

Harvest is one of the most dangerous times of the year for farmers, with long hours and heavy machinery making the potential for fatal or serious accidents higher than usual.…


How a farm contractor rebuilt his life after losing an arm

It was a hot day on 6 August 1998 – a date Gainsborough-based contractor James Bannister will never forget. The sun was shining and he was dressed in a T-shirt…


How to avoid accidents on poultry farms

Health and safety may not be everybody’s favourite subject, but it has to be taken seriously, especially when it comes to farming.  [caption id="attachment_1201203" align="alignnone" width="900"] Left to right: Farm…

Farm accident survivors share their shocking stories

Farmers in Scotland who have had an accident have been sharing their personal stories of what happened to them as part of Farm Safety Week. They want other farmers to…

Practical advice

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Business Clinic: Is mountain bikers' use of woodland a risk?

Whether it’s a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s experts can help. Here, Ken Kaar of Thrings advises on a landowners' concerns about use of their woodland…


Coronavirus: Diversified business pointers for safe reopening

Farm attractions should complete a documented health and safety risk assessment and operate a phased reopening after the coronavirus lockdown. The advice is among pointers provided by farm and estate…


Get ready for harvest: How to carry out a safety induction

Farmers who take on staff to help them over the harvest period should make sure all workers are given a clear health and safety briefing before they start work. It…


Coronavirus: Advice on farm staff safety and harvest labour

The coronavirus pandemic has put a new focus on family and worker safety and wellbeing as it rampages through communities. In a work context, the virus is a health and…


How to maintain your trailer brakes

About three-quarters of trailers with hydraulic brakes fail dealer tests while a quarter of these offer no stopping power whatsoever. Often put on a pedestal as the answer to all…


Coronavirus: Advice for managing and keeping staff safe

Farmers may be wondering how to best protect their staff during the coronavirus outbreak. We asked Oliver Dale, managing director at Safety Revolution, and Sophie Walker, business manager at the…


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Apps help lone workers stay safe on the farm

A Norfolk potato adviser who had to crawl for help after shattering his skull in a 9m fall is emphasising the need to stay safe when working alone on the…


Advice on first aid when there's a farm accident

It is well recognised that farming is a dangerous occupation. According to St John Ambulance, 4% of people working in agriculture suffer work-related injuries in an average year, higher than…


What farmers need to know about ash dieback

Few farm businesses will be spared the cost of dealing with ash dieback, and for those with infected trees straddling public roads, bills could run into thousands of pounds. Landowners,…


Safety campaign aims to reduce falls from height

Preventing injuries and fatalities involving falls from height on farms is the goal of a national safety campaign this autumn. After accidents involving vehicles (36%), falls from height (18%) are…


How new footpaths scheme will help prevent cattle attacks

A scheme that aims to reduce the risk of fatal accidents involving ramblers and livestock aims to be rolled out across south-west England. Cattle attacks on walkers have resulted in…


The farm trailer safety campaign set up by bereaved mother

Farmer Jane Gurney, whose son Harry Christian-Allan was killed in a trailer accident in 2014 is the driving force behind a vital trailer safety campaign. 'Tilly Your Trailer' is an…


Tractor cab filters: are you protected?

Most operators and farmers will be well aware of the potential risks that working with agricultural chemicals brings, but with the right precautions, users will be kept free from any…


How farmers will be affected by new drone rules

A clampdown against irresponsible drone flights near airports will also affect the proper and beneficial use of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in agriculture. Farmers, agronomists and agri-tech companies will…


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Splitting seed bags cause on-farm safety risk

Arable farmers with seed held over from last winter are being warned to take care when handling big bags, following widespread reports of bags splitting. Robin Aird, who manages the…


Four farm deaths in a fortnight prompt stark safety warning

Four farm fatalities in just over a fortnight have rocked the industry and prompted a stark safety message to anyone in contact with machinery or livestock. The incidents happened between…


Aberdeenshire farmer killed in bull handling incident

An experienced farmer has died after being struck by a bull in a field in Aberdeenshire. The 61-year-old man was working at a farm in Memsie, Fraserburgh, when the incident…


Video: Silage gas escape sparks health and safety alert

A video on Twitter showing a deadly brown gas escaping from a freshly clamped silage pit has sparked a health and safety warning, after the gas was identified as the…


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Video: TV ad highlights dangers of farms for kids

A hard-hitting TV advert to promote safety around farm vehicles has been launched by the Farm Safety Partnership in Northern Ireland. The ad features the possible aftermath of the accidental…


VIDEO: Farm safety smartphone apps

Agriculture has one of the worst fatal accident records in any sector, according to the Health and Safety Executive. Transport accidents, either being run over or vehicle overturns account for…

Online safety tool launched for small farms

An online tool designed to help small farms actively manage risks and remain health and safety compliant has been launched. Rural insurer NFU Mutual’s SafetyHub aims to help farm business…


Tractor run tribute held in memory of popular farmer

A tractor run has been held in memory of a hugely popular Kent farmer who died following a farm sprayer accident. Alan Dimbleby, 62, from Pratt’s Bottom, died after a…