Know How / Dairy

In a tough dairy market, with growing volatility and uncertainty, our Know How area aims to help you make your dairy business more resilient and profitable.

This is your starting point for lowering your cost of production, improving grass from forage and reducing reliance on antibiotics and improving cow health and welfare.

Key areas of focus:

  • Reducing costs to deliver a profitable business
  • Improving cow comfort, health and welfare
  • Increasing milk from forage
  • Meeting milk contract requirements
  • Breeding cows to suit your system

Latest Know How


4 ways US dairy has cut antibiotics in lactating cows

Adopting a series of protocols for housing, milking practices and genetic selection has removed the need to treat lactating cows with antibiotics in a high-yielding, housed dairy herd. Lloyd and…


4 steps to assessing your voluntary waiting period

Voluntary Waiting Periods – the interval postpartum when producers refrain from breeding cows – are typically 42 days on most UK dairy farms. But anecdotal data from 16 high-production herds…


Tips on dealing with tight cashflow as dairy margins tighten

With input costs rising and a number of milk processors announcing cuts to farmgate prices, dairy farm margins are being squeezed yet again. Many producers will be hoping there won’t…


7 staff management tips from a dairy farmer

Staff management remains one of the UK dairy industry’s biggest challenges and with Brexit looming, it could become even more difficult. Philip Halhead, who runs a 290-head Holstein herd at…

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