Know How / Dairy

In a tough dairy market, with growing volatility and uncertainty, our Know How area aims to help you make your dairy business more resilient and profitable.

This is your starting point for lowering your cost of production, improving grass from forage and reducing reliance on antibiotics and improving cow health and welfare.

Key areas of focus:

  • Reducing costs to deliver a profitable business
  • Improving cow comfort, health and welfare
  • Increasing milk from forage
  • Meeting milk contract requirements
  • Breeding cows to suit your system

Latest Know How


3 tips on feeding fats in dairy rations

Carefully thinking about the ratio of different fatty acids in the diet at specific stages of lactation could bring big benefits to dairy performance, according to the latest US research…


Should you switch to autumn weed control for grassland?

Late summer weed control is real opportunity that’s being missed by many grassland farmers. A farm survey of 200 grassland farmers carried out by NuFarm in July and August found…


August bull proofs: Genomic sires showcase performance ability

Young genomic sires are proving their ability to perform, making up the entire top 10 of proven Holstein sires in the August bull proof run released today (13 August) by…


Family dairy saves money by making their own calf hutches

Dairy newcomers the Courtier family from Dartmoor switched from group housing calves to single hutches they designed and made themselves, to save money. Julian Courtier, who manages the 350-cow spring-…

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