Know How / Dairy

In a tough dairy market, with growing volatility and uncertainty, our Know How area aims to help you make your dairy business more resilient and profitable.

This is your starting point for lowering your cost of production, improving grass from forage and reducing reliance on antibiotics and improving cow health and welfare.

Key areas of focus:

  • Reducing costs to deliver a profitable business
  • Improving cow comfort, health and welfare
  • Increasing milk from forage
  • Meeting milk contract requirements
  • Breeding cows to suit your system

Latest Know How


How to minimise claw horn lesions at calving time

Extra attention to cow comfort around the calving stage is vital to minimise sole ulcers and sole haemorrhage, according to a leading vet and clinical researcher. Dr Reuben Newsome of…


Advice on using dairy teaser bulls

As the breeding season in spring block calving systems approaches, dairy farmers will be weighing up the pros and cons of running vasectomised bulls with their herds to improve heat…


How to assess and improve dairy herd genetics

Making the right decisions on breeding strategy can mean the difference between profit and loss for dairy farmers. Even with the best management, there is a limit to animal performance,…


How the dairy industry is making genetic improvements

Dairy producers have made rapid genetic progress in recent years, with gains in milk, fat and protein production and a transformation in the appearance of cows, each heavily influenced by…

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