Know How / Dairy

In a tough dairy market, with growing volatility and uncertainty, our Know How area aims to help you make your dairy business more resilient and profitable.

This is your starting point for lowering your cost of production, improving grass from forage and reducing reliance on antibiotics and improving cow health and welfare.

Key areas of focus:

  • Reducing costs to deliver a profitable business
  • Improving cow comfort, health and welfare
  • Increasing milk from forage
  • Meeting milk contract requirements
  • Breeding cows to suit your system

Latest Know How


US dairyman reveals calving protocols at his 2,800-cow dairy

Implementing strict calving protocols has helped US dairy farmer Don Niles reduce stillbirths from 24% to less than 2% on his 2,800-cow dairy. The vet, who is now co-owner and…


How to act on drought and tightening forage stocks

Prolonged hot and dry weather has put pressure on forage stocks, with grass growth plummeting in most areas of the country. Figures from AgriNet up to 4 July show grass…


Advice for rearing heifers from weaning to calving

In the UK 36% of heifers are 30 months or older at their first calving. But in order to optimise fertility and milk production from these animals, the target should…


Ways to cut farm ammonia emissions before rules comes in

Dairy and beef farmers are likely to be most affected by Defra’s proposed controls for fertiliser, manure and slurry management and applications. The proposals, which also cover livestock housing design…

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