Know How / Wheat

In a competitive cereals market, our wheat page aims to help you grow a more profitable crop in the face of rising costs and volatile grain markets.

This is your starting point for addressing challenges such as fungicide and weed resistance, integrating different cultivation techniques, exploring precision farming and protecting the environment.

Key areas of focus:

  • Getting establishment right
  • Planning fungicide strategy
  • Assessing fertiliser requirements
  • Keeping on top of blackgrass
  • Choosing the right varieties for the right market

Latest Know How


Why timing is key to maximise wheat tillers with phosphite

Growers are being advised not to leave it too late when applying phosphite-based biostimulants to maximise the number of tillers in wheat crops. Trials over several years show that phosphites…


Cornish growers trial septoria test to target fungicide use

For two neighbouring Cornish farmers, septoria control forms the fundamental basis of wheat production in the high-risk region, which has prompted them to trial a new disease detection test to…


How farms can reduce insecticides with natural pest control

A diverse landscape with lots of habitat is the best way to encourage the beneficial insects that are needed to provide natural pest control and replace the use of insecticides…

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