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2018 farming year in pictures: Weather extremes

From arctic blasts to crippling drought, 2018 will be remembered as a year of extreme weather events that stretched farmers and damaged many rural livelihoods. The long, cold winter culminated…


Cost of fires on farms soars to £41m after bone-dry summer

Farm fires during the summer months cost UK farmers more than £40m this year, according to one of the country’s biggest rural insurers. NFU Mutual, which has a 75% share…


Measures needed to fight extreme weather's effects on farms

Resilience measures are urgently needed to combat the effect of extreme weather on food and farming, according to the NFU and NFU Cymru. The summer’s drought highlighted the vulnerability of…


Government must help farmers to meet climate challenge

The UK government must do more to help farmers invest in their businesses to meet the increasing challenges brought by extreme weather, according to the NFU.  The union’s call for…