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Opinion: Memories of 1976 show progress has been made

I was only five at the time of last drought. I know – it’s hard to believe. No, not that I am nearing 50… rather that it has taken 42…


Early BPS payments for weather-hit Scottish farmers

Loan payments are expected be made from early October to farmers in Scotland battling months of challenging weather conditions. Payments of up to 90% of the Basic Payment Scheme value…


Video: Drought-hit dairy farmers determined not to sell cows

Two Anglesey dairy farmers who have been among the hardest-hit by the drought are determined to spend their way out of trouble instead of selling cattle. Business partners Johnjo Roberts…


Appeal for straw to help drought-hit livestock farmers

Arable farmers are baling straw rather than chopping it to help livestock producers facing a shortage of feed and fodder. Vast quantities of straw are being baled in East Anglia…