Kent growers have combined forces to encourage health-conscious consumers to include a new variety of English apple in their diets.

The Cameo apple growers worked with qualified nutritionist Esther Mills to design a diet that can either maintain a healthy lifestyle or encourage long-term weight loss.

They decided that a specially devised diet would draw attention to the low fat content of apples at a time of year when people often decide to lose some weight.

More than 1,840t of Cameo apples were harvested on family farms in Kent last year. The Cameo apple has an unusually good “keeping quality” – maintaining its flavour and texture well into the spring when other British apples can be hard to find.

Ms Mills said: “By putting Cameo apples at the heart of the diet, consumers are making a very healthy choice that also supports British apple growers.”

Based in Canterbury, Newmafruits has 30ha of Cameo apple orchards, supplying many of the major supermarket chains.

Orchard manager Tony Frankham said: “Cameo is proving to be very popular with foodies who are looking for new, distinctive tastes and want to buy British apples for as much of the year as possible.

“We are hoping the diet will encourage consumers who have not tried Cameo apples before to look for them in the new year and make them part of their healthy eating choices.”

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