Racumin Foam being applied to hole

A new foam-based rodenticide from Bayer was launched at Lamma last week to tackle the UK’s increasing rat and mice populations.

Called Racumin Foam, it’s a water-based formulation that makes use of the rodents’ natural grooming habits.

It’s aimed particularly at situations where other food temptations limit bait uptake or where traditional baiting methods – such as putting the product inside cavity walls – can’t be used.

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“The foam can be placed in areas where the rodents are known to pass, such as access holes, cavity walls and pipeworks,” says Ken Black, Bayer’s rural hygiene manager.

“It’s then transferred to the pests’ coat as they brush past and is ingested straight into the bloodstream during routine grooming.”  

The active ingredient in the bright blue foam – coumatetralyl – passes into the rat’s mouth and through the soft tissues into the bloodstream.

The foam, which has the same consistency as shaving foam, will typically last for seven to 10 days and is used in the same places you would put conventional bait.

It has been available in European markets for five years but is only now available in the UK, says Mr Black.

One £35 can contains enough foam to give 30-40 treatments for rats and 120 for mice.