Harvesting winter wheat at dusk © Tim Scrivener© Tim Scrivener

The UK cereal harvest fell nearly 11% to 22.1m tonnes largely due to lower grain yields which reflected a lack of sunshine in early summer, according to an official Defra forecast.

In addition, the oilseed rape harvest was down 30% at 1.8m tonnes due to both lower yields and a fall in the area for the crop, the Defra forecast reported.

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Production of cereals and oilseed rape 2016   

   2016 2015 Change
Cereals  22.1   24.7  -10.7%
Wheat  14.5  16.4  -12.0%
Barley    6.7  7.4   -9.7%
Oilseed rape  1.8  2.5   -30.4%
(in million tonnes)