Weald Granary has taken in its first loads of wheat, and early indications are of good quality and yields in Kent.

“Wheat harvest started last Friday (18 July) for us, with Gallant coming in at 13.02% protein, 354 Hagberg, 79kghl and 2.1% screenings,” said managing director John Smith.

Cordiale had also been cut, at 12.56% protein, 372 Hagberg, 81kg/hl and 1.2% screenings.

“Early mycotoxin levels are low, at zero to 100, so it’s a bright start in terms of wheat quality,” said Mr Smith. “It’s probably going to perform well.”

Winter barley harvest was about a third done, with reports of above average yield, he added.

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“Cassata is making the malting grade with low nitrogen at 1.5-1.6% – there are some small seeds but samples still have good retention and screenings levels.”

Oilseed rape harvest was about two-thirds complete, with 6,500t now in the store, said Mr Smith.

“Very little has needed drying, but quite a volume is requiring cleaning, as last year. Yields have been average to disappointing, at 2.5-3.7t/ha; it looked good all year but hasn’t really performed to expectations.”

Oil contents were averaging 44.5%. “The rape harvest will be finished by the weekend, which is a lot earlier than normal,” he added.

The store had also taken in 400t of Dalguise winter oats at 14.5% moisture and 52.8kg/hl. “They’re a good even colour, which is welcome change to the weathering that some growers saw last year.”

Daytona peas, harvested last week, also had a good even colour, and had come in at 15.5% moisture.

“Overall, we are 12% through the 85,000t we are expecting to see at Weald Granary,” said Mr Smith.

“It’s been a busy start – normally we begin with oilseed rape trickling in but the combines have been going almost without a break, apart from the thunderstorms. It could all be over in the next four weeks if it stays dry.”

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