Milling wheat is still in the field at Fieldfare Farms, Whitchurch, Shropshire, and Rob Bebbington does not hold out much hope for it.

“We were rained off today (10 September) and the forecast is bad for the rest of the week,” he said.

“The milling wheat was ready three weeks ago, so it will be feed quality by the time it comes in.”

So far Mr Bebbington had cut 65ha of Grafton and 57ha of Claire, with all of it running at 6.2t/ha, regardless of soil type and location.

“After drying it and cleaning it up we’re getting most of it up to 70kg/hl, but some has been as low as 56kg/hl.”

Tipple spring barley, which he finished combining yesterday, averaged just 5t/ha. “It was terrible, it looks pink and shrivelled – I’d be surprised if anyone wants it for feed, let alone malting.”

Cassia and Saffron winter barley was slightly better, at 7.9t/ha, with oilseed rape at 4.3t/ha.

“We have delayed oilseed rape drilling as we just can’t get on the ground. We’ve had to move onto the lighter fields, so it’s not where we wanted it in the rotation.

“And we’ve still got 138ha of wheat left to cut. It’s been very disappointing all the way through.”

Crop: Winter wheat
Varieties: Grafton and Claire
Area: 122ha
Yield: 6.2t/ha

Crop: Spring barley
Variety: Tipple
Yield: 5t/ha