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FW blogger turns rambler in aid of charity

Apologies for the following blatant piece of self promotion, but if you can’t occasionally shout about yourself on your own blog, where else can you do it?

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Don’t count on early SFP being delivered in UK

News from Brussels that the EU Commission is planning to bring forward the delivery date for single farm payments should have received a rousing welcome.

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Quota increase not to blame as milk prices fall

It doesn’t take a lot to get French and German farmers out on to the streets – for some it is almost a national pastime.

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Top dairy farmers show off their credentials

One of the banes of modern journalism is the fact that the job has become almost exclusively office bound. The bulk of information comes via e-mail or from the internet, followed up with phone calls.

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Top tips for saving energy as cost rise looms

It’s not often you get something for nothing, but that really is the offer from Herefordshire-based rural services company, 7Y.

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What future for Single Farm Payments?

NFU Scotland president Jim McLaren raises an interesting point in his recent News Release concerning the re-targeting of support to beef and sheep producers in the uplands.

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Scots at loggerheads over SFP redistribution plan

The ongoing spat in Scotland over how best to support beef and sheep producers in vulnerable areas is a classic example of the tensions that can exist between single-interest and multi-interest lobby groups.

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New list of subsidy “millionaires” published

I was recently invited to a press conference in Brussels entitled “Who wants to be a farm subsidy millionaire?”

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End in sight for beef hormone dispute

I know I’m getting a bit long in the tooth when the issue of beef hormones and the long-running trade battle between the USA and the EU raises its head.

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Storm clouds brewing for UK farming

To the casual observer, it would seem all is well with British agriculture at the moment. Figures presented by DEFRA at a seminar in York today (Wednesday), show how farm incomes increased by 42% in 2008 to £3.5bn. That gave an income per person engaged in farming of over £18,000.

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