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UK wheat is among the cheapest to grow

Most farmers have a pretty good idea what their production costs are – or at least they should, given the massive effort made by the press and other farming organisations over the years, encouraging them to keep a detailed record of such things.

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Co-operation is key to long-term success

First day back from a week’s holiday and, as ever, the first task is to wade through around 300 emails, sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

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No time for complacency

We seem to have had a run of surveys over the past couple of weeks. The latest comes from our friends at the NFU who have found that one in four farmers feel the credit crunch will significantly affect their business

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Fertiliser prices on the way up

Anyone who bought their new season fertiliser early this summer will be forgiven for sitting back with a slight feeling of smugness this week, after GrowHow announced a £4/t increase in its October price

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Uncertainty rules over 2009 SFP advance

A Devon farmer contacted me on Wednesday concerning an article I’d written a few weeks ago about the possible early payment of the SFP.

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OECD paints a brighter picture for farming

I’m not usually prone to gloominess, but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise judging by some of my more recent blog postings.

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Dairy farmer confidence drains away

What a difference a year makes! This time in 2008 the annual Farmer Intentions Survey from DairyCo – gauging the views of almost 1000 milk producers in the UK – spoke of a “positive change in the mood of British dairy farmers” and “encouraging levels of positivity”.

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Alarm bells sounding for sheep producers

The latest UK weekly Market Survey from AHDB Meat Services takes a slightly one-sided view of the impact of the recession on meat sales.

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Bullish outlook for new season crops

A number of positive have emerged this week, painting a more bullish picture for grain producers as the new season approaches.

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Milk Link shows just what a co-op can do

In a week of unhappy news in the dairy sector, it’s a relief to see at least one positive result emerge from the gloom.

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