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Precarious perch for passionate pigeons

OK, I know that pigeons are not strictly poultry – but they do have feathers, so are eminently qualified to appear on this blog.

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Hen lays eggless chick

A hen has shed some light on the age-old question of what cames first? The chicken or the egg? The Sri-Lanka hen gave birth to a eggless chick, the BBC reported. Normally hens lay an egg and it is incubated outside the body for 21 days before being hatched.   But in a bizarre twist the […]

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Music star haunted by frozen chicken

According to the Daily Star George Michael is being haunted by the ghost of a chicken, which was frozen in 1626.  The music legend, 48, was warned by Ghost hunters about high levels of paranormal activity on his street in Highgate, north London.He’ll have to make sure he doesn’t let slip any “careless whispers” or […]

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