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Say It, Don’t Spray It

There is a consultation taking place to decide if farmers should have to notify neighbours before they apply agrochemicals to their crops. While I agree strongly that farmers should be considerate to neighbours and transparent about what they are up to, I do not agree with compulsory notification. When we have new fields or new neighbours on […]

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Och Eye the Noos Revoo

Whay hey.  This week’s Noos Revoo is here.   “Why is Caroline wearing a Victorian bathing costume?” you ask “Has her lace cap fallen off?” Oi, don’t be so rude. I thought she was really good this week. I mean, I think she’s really good EVERY week. Plus, continuing the Upstairs, Downstairs theme, did you […]

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Just £703,000,000,000.  That’s how much our chancellor is planning to borrow on our behalf over the next five years. As a businessman, I was horrified at how little was done in the budget to tackle the financial mess that the country is in. The argument he makes is that we must restart the economy before we tackle our […]

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I See

After several busy months, we now have a quieter couple of weeks until we start harvesting summer flowers.  I am really looking forward to getting the farm very tidy, attending to some of the admin and management jobs that have been mounting up while I was sitting on a tractor and then, maybe just maybe, […]

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Potatoes Planted

We finished the potato planting yesterday.  We were later than we would have liked to be because we were waiting for a bit of extra seed to come down from Scotland.  My seed calculations are never very accurate. The planting conditions have been superb throughout.  We only had two wet days and these were over […]

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would you look at that bloomin

Having a Big Hair Day

I have been enjoying David Richardson’s reports back from the study tour that he is leading around Zambia.  It sounds like a fascinating trip.  Today he wrote about a Zambian Princess. This makes my own life seem rather dull.  I haven’t met a single exotic princess all day, I’ve had our annual stocktaking valuation and (since my […]

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Self Righteous

  We have almost finished potato planting and the I sold the last of the daffodils and switched off the coldstore yesterday.  We have had a very busy Spring with less staff than usual so we are all starting to feel tired. I have also been busy working on the house and garden at home […]

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The government has announced to the media that it intends to offer subsidies (or support payments as some farmers prefer to hear them called) for electric cars. Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said: “When people see the electric car – the speed, the lack of noise – they are going to fall in love with it.” Someone throw a […]

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Sliced Bread

My friend, Linz, called yesterday to tell me that he had just heard a man describing living in South Lincolnshire as “the best thing since chalk and cheese.”  

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Bearly Survived

Here’s a story from Germany featured in the Telegraph about a woman who was attacked

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