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Attitude matters when seeking a farming start

Here’s our second guest blog post on Field Day. It’s a piece by part-time farmer and part-time farm consultant Michael Blanche. Michael, who lives near Perth, is a first generation farmer who has 600 ewes “miles from home” and has “struggled to get a proper tenancy”. “One of the only things I have that is […]

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Don’t be scarecrowed, join our club

Thanks to Ben Cavill, secretary of Falmouth Young Farmers’ Club in Cornwall, for sending us this pic: The members of Falmouth YFC spent a whole weekend planning and building the 16ft straw man that now sits above Falmouth overlooking Pendennis Castle and the Falmouth Bay.The straw man is Falmouth’s entry to Cornwall YFC’s scarecrow competition. […]

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Country ladies bare (nearly) all

What on earth, you might well wonder, is this woman doing?

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Indian farmers fall out with Formula 1

Farmers are planning to disrupt the first Formula 1 race at a new track in India after the government  forcibly bought more than 300 smallholdings to make way for the the development.The farmers claim they were ripped off and not given enough money for their property and are planning to protest at the race. Lesson […]

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How to carve a pumpkin like a pro

Love this photo feature on the Guardian website – a Halloween how-to on pumpkin carving.I feel inspired. Wonder if the boss would view pumpkin carving as a legitimate use of office time…And because no Field Day post is truly complete without a cute animal picture, here’s a photo of some miniature pigs in a pumpkin […]

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Play the field in a new TV show

Farming and reality TV are old friends – just look at the success of Lambing Live, FFerm Factor, Farmer Wants a Wife, A Farmer’s Life for me… the list goes on. But word has reached FW Towers of a brand new programme in the making. What’s more, they’re still casting for the show’s leading lads […]

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Tortoise-shaped potato

  Rachel blogged a while back about a potato shaped like a teddy bear. Well, not to be outdone, I thought I’d share this photo of a potato shaped like a tortoise. Obviously if you have any pictures of unusually shaped vegetables, you know where I am…

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Richmond Park moose looks mossy

Some fab pics of a moose with a rather unusual hair-do on the Daily Mail website today.Great pics, questionable headline. I’d get a stern telling-off from the Farmers Weekly sub editors if I tried to get away with something like this:“Hello girls! Amorous stag dons a wig of moss to attract his lady… and snares […]

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Downton Abbey actor’s rural internet plea

You wouldn’t think the occupants of Downton Abbey would be preoccupied with internet access, would you. Hugh Bonneville, star of the hit TV series, is supporting a campaign to get rural areas better online services. The Can’t Get Online Week roadshow, which starts on October 30 and is sponsored by the CLA, will tour rural […]

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Cyclists knocked flying by buck

Amazing footage this – although it may put you off ever riding a bike in the countryside again. It shows a mountain biker being taken out by a Red Hartebeest in South Africa. The key moment is about seven seconds into the clip (although there are slow-motion replays later).

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