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Dairy Crest cuts milk price

Dairy Crest is to cut 0.275p/litre off its liquid milk contract from the beginning of next month.

Arthur Reeves, Dairy Crest’s milk purchasing director, blamed falling commodity prices for the cut, saying the market had dropped by 5p/litre since the beginning of the year.

That takes a Farmers Weekly standard litre for this contract down to 18.76p/litre, for a producer averaging 2201litres/day on every-other-day collection.

Dairy Crest cuts milk price

DAIRY CREST, one of the UK‘ largest milk processors, is cutting the price it pays to suppliers of milk for the liquid market by 0.33p/litre from June.

Prices to farmers supplying milk for cheese will remain unchanged after cuts of 0.5p/litre in April and 0.2p/litre in May.

The company said the reduction reflected a fall in the value of cream since the price was last increased in July 2003.

It has also not ruled out a further cut for July milk.

Arthur Reeves, milk purchasing director, said: “Dairy Crest and Dairy Crest Direct (the organisation representing its direct suppliers) will meet during June to discuss and agree milk prices for July.

“Our aim is to set a milk price that can be sustained until 2005.”

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