Full and empty milk bottles on a doorstep©Photofusion/Rex

The drastic decline in the number of British dairy farmers exploded across the national media on Monday (12 January).

All the UK’s biggest newspapers and broadcasters reported how half of dairy farmers have stopped milking since 2002 and that First Milk farmers have had their milk cheque delayed by two weeks.

News of dairy farmers’ woes spread on the same day as the Semex conference in Glasgow, the major dairy gathering of the year.

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Here’s how the top media outlets reported the news:

BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme: NFU president Meurig Raymond and Farmers For Action chairman David Handley explain the crisis to the BBC’s Sarah Montague 

BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show: Why milk prices have fallen, interview with David Handley and farmer phone-in (from 6min 40Sec)

The Telegraph: Farmers facing ‘blow after blow’ as milk becomes cheaper than water 

The Daily Mail: Dairy says it won’t pay farmers for two weeks as supermarket price war over milk pushes price of a pint down to just 22p 

Financial Times: Supermarket price war ‘crippling dairy industry’ 

The Independent: Supermarket price war leads to 50% cut in dairy farmers 

The Guardian: Dairy farmers payment delayed as milk becomes cheaper than water 

Sky News: First Milk Farmers In Price Crash Pay Delay 

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