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Retailer supplements will be worth 1.621p/litre in September milk cheques for milk producers supplying Muller Wiseman.

This will apply for the 430 producers who are not aligned to a specific supermarket and relates to milk price commitments made by Lidl and Aldi in August.

Both retailers said that they would pay 28p/litre to processors for all liquid milk sold in their UK stores and that they expected this to be passed back to the farmgate. 

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The September supplement will be shown as a separate item in September milk cheques, due to land in producers’ bank accounts next week. It will mean a total payment of 23.971p/litre for September milk for these producers.

Muller Wiseman was the first to announce what the retailer commitments would mean, paying a 0.595p/litre retail supplement for the final two weeks of August.

The processor’s non-aligned liquid price remains at 22.35p/litre for November.

Muller Wiseman has a total of 1,200 milk suppliers.