Austrian manufacturer Pottinger has launched a mower-conditioner which it claims can eliminate up to three passes from silage making.

Dubbed the “Extra Dry” conditioner, it apparently shortens the grass drying process and eliminates the need for tedding, with obvious potential for cost savings.

It can also improve forage quality by reducing the amount of soil contamination of the swath and can limiti losses due to disintegration as a result of mechanical damage.

Having passed over the cutting discs, the grass encounters V-shaped tines which bruise its waxy protective layer so water can evaporate easier.

Alternatively, a roller conditioner can be fitted for sensitive crops such as lucerne and clover. Here intermeshing rollers squash the stalks without damaging the nutritious leafy material.

The crop is then spread across the full working width to take full advantage of sun and airflow for fast drying.

Should the conditioner not be required it can easily be removed by one person in three steps.