Sao Paulo cattle farmer© Julien Chatelin/REX/Shutterstock

JBS Foods International (JBSFI) will be transferring its headquarters and the equivalent of £26bn worth of assets across the Atlantic to Ireland. 

Despite the South American giant moving its permanent base to Ireland it will not be run there – management will remain in Brazil.

The firm, which sells meat in 190 countries worldwide, denies the move is to take advantage of Ireland’s favourable corporate tax rate of 12.5% compared with 20% in the UK.

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Instead, it claims the global reorganisation is taking place to help the business raise more capital, something that has proven difficult in the turbulent Brazilian economy.

In September last year, JBSFI paid £988m in a takeover of the Northern Irish poultry processor Moy Park giving the Brazilian corporation a platform to enter the European meat market.

JBS Foods, which has an annual turnover of £39bn, also intends to register about £158,000,000 of shares on the New York Stock Exchange.