Person's hand holding pen writing on paper © Rex/Cutura

Farmers Weekly is on the hunt for poetry.

Readers often share their written work with us – whether it is wry and lighthearted or serious and hard-hitting, so we know there are many skilled amateur poets in the countryside.

Now we are looking for a poem that sums up 2015.

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It can be any length and style, but we want one that sums up what it is felt like to have been a farmer or a member of a farming family over the past 12 months.

The form, style and sentiment is entirely up to you (it might be funny, sad or a mixture of both) but we are hoping to read poems that touch on one or more of the highlights and low points of 2015 and that express the joys – and difficulties – of contemporary rural life.

If we receive one that we think perfectly encapsulates the year, we’ll publish it in Farmers Weekly.

Good luck.

Email your entries to by Friday 20 November 2015.