HUNT SUPPORTERS have vowed to keep fighting against the ban on hunting which they feel is unjust and infringes their rights.

The Countryside Alliance has said that it will keep fighting against the ban as it feels MPs have introduced prejudiced, discriminatory and divisive legislation.

Final victory

Chief executive Simon Hart said: “Final victory will be ours because our opponents do not hate hunting, they hate people who hunt, and we will not be defeated. They can ban hunting, but they cannot ban us.”

 The alliance, which has got 100,000 full members and 200,000 associate members, has said it intends to keep staging demonstrations at events where government ministers are in attendance.

One of the targets will be junior DEFRA minister Lord Whitty who is expected to be followed by campaigners as he tours Smithfield Show at Earls Court in London on Thursday (Dec 2).

 Other tactics expected to be adopted by the CA include supporting pro-hunting Conservative candidates when it comes to the General Election next year.

 But some hunt supporters have threatened to take a more militant stance with some farmers threatening to stop co-operating with utility companies or the Ministry of Defence until the ban is reversed.