The NFU undertaking a survey of all its members in a bid identify younger farmers and get them more involved in the running of the union.

The union is concerned that it does not hold information about many young farmers as the NFU subscription is often in the name of an older partner in the business.

All farmer and grower members will be contacted and asked to provide information about their businesses including who else is involved in the running of the farm.

The union has stressed that information gathered will not affect the calculation of members’ subscriptions in any way.
Head of membership Huw Hilditch Roberts said: “We want to make sure we are giving members real value for money but we can only do this if we have accurate and up to date information about them and their business.
“We want to know who else is involved in running the farm so we can help them but they can also help us – we may be able to benefit their business, but they could have a valuable contribution to make to the NFU’s work on behalf of the industry. It is vitally important we get younger farmers involved with the NFU and its work as we move forward.”
Electronic forms will be emailed to members  on 29 January and will also be available in the members-only section of NFU Online. The union says they will only take a few minutes to complete.
Any members who do not complete the task electronically will be contacted by telephone from 5 February and asked to take part. The telephone call should last no longer than ten minutes.