Potatoes in a field©Isopix/Rex Shutterstock

A Norfolk farmer shamed thieves by posting a poem on Facebook after his potatoes were stolen.

Tim Briscoe, of the Buxton Potato Company, penned the poem after half a tonne of potatoes went missing from the field.

It read:

I spy with my little eye something that seems amiss
Neatly ploughed rows side by side, but wait what’s this?

Precious spuds, have been secretly dug, in the dark of night
We know they’re super tasty but this just isn’t right!

Who are you mystery potato digger? We do wish you would stop
Please don’t pinch our potatoes, pick them up at the Co-op!

The poem was well received by other Facebook users and the page received more than 3,000 visits.

Jo Chandler wrote: “What a lovely guy to be so forgiving. I will be making an extra effort to buy Buxton potatoes from now on to help make up for this person’s light fingers.”