MARIANN FISCHER Boel will have to wait another few weeks before finding out if she is to become the next EU farm commissioner.

Euro-MPs were supposed to vote on the new commissioners on Wed (Oct 27), but the election was abandoned.

This was mainly due to complaints about the Italian commissioner-designate Rocco Buttiglione and his views on women and homosexuals.

When it became clear that the European parliament was poised to reject all 25 nominees, commission president-designate Jose Barroso called for a delay while he consults heads of state.

It remains to be seen whether Mr Buttiglione is dropped as a potential commissioner or is moved to a portfolio other than justice and home affairs.

But there are also doubts about a number of other commissioners-designate, including Denmark‘s Mrs Fischer Boel.

She failed to impress Euro-MPs at an open hearing earlier this month and could easily come under renewed pressure.

Meanwhile, current agriculture commissioner Franz Fischler has confirmed he will continue in his job until a successor is confirmed.