New technology could eliminate time-consuming data input and reduce the potential for error, according to Martin Barker, managing director of Midland Pig Producers and Genesis Quality Assurance.

Speaking at the launch of the Genesis Asset Tracking System (GATS), Mr Barker explained how the system, which uses a DigiPen – a pen with a camera and Bluetooth chip – records information written down and enables data to be automatically uploaded to a computer.

“The stockmen like it as all they have to do is write their records using the DigiPen and then send the information to the hub via a docking station in the office or using Bluetooth, thus eliminating time-consuming data input and reducing potential for error,” explained Mr Barker.

“GATS provides users with complete flexibility to integrate the system to extract any information they need. This includes stock recording, vet care, mortality rates, food conversion rates, weaning rates and sow analysis.”

Apart from use by the stockman and managers, GATS can also be used by third parties such as feed suppliers and vets setting withdrawal period for example.

“With a multi-site pig production company I need to be absolutely sure that my stock records are accurate at any given moment. Using GATS I log on to the website, enter my password and identify the farms I want to look at. Then I can integrate the information in any way I wish, asking a combination of questions if required.”

GATS is currently the only system in the market, with a 30-day free trial currently available for producers wishing to see the results themselves.

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