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AHDB Beef & Lamb is seeking input from pedigree sheep breeders on current and future strategies for data collection.

Developed by AHDB Beef & Lamb’s Signet Breeding Services, the online survey will collect feedback from British pedigree sheep breeders on the information obtained for genetic analysis and decision making.

Breeders are asked to provide feedback on the performance data they collect and may collect in future, and information they would value others collecting.

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AHDB Beef & Lamb says the survey will aid the future development of performance recording services.

“The more feedback we get from breeders, the more we can tailor future AHDB activity, including recording systems, to their needs,” says Kim Matthews, head of animal breeding and product quality at AHDB Beef & Lamb.

The Genetic Review

The online questionnaire is the result of a recommendation from the AHDB Beef & Lamb commissioned Genetic Review.

The Genetic Review recommended AHDB Beef & Lamb consider collecting data on new traits that could be beneficial to the sheep sector.

“The Genetic Review was highly supportive of the value of existing recording services,” says Ms Matthews.

“However, it did identify several areas that should be consider in the future, particularly with regard to maternal traits.”

The survey, which can be found on the Signet website, will close on 21 September 2016. Paper copies can be requested by calling 0247 647 8834.