The AHVLA is warning farmers not to use compost and anaerobic digestion residues as bedding materials for livestock.

It points out that to control the spread of notifiable animal diseases, this practice of using digestates and compost produced at plants approved under the Animal By-Products Regulations is not allowed under legislation.

The AHVLA’s warning follows similar guidance regarding the use of poultry litter as bedding. The agency adds that keepers should also be aware that livestock must not be allowed access to land on which composts and digestates from approved plants have been applied, and that crops from such land must not be used to feed livestock for 21 days following application (or two months in the case of pigs).

The AHVLA says it takes all breaches of this waiting period requirement in the regulations very seriously and may restrict the movement of livestock that have had access to such land. Local authorities will also be informed for possible further enforcement actions.

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