A new pendulum rotating cattle brush, designed to provide maximum coverage and optimum pressure on the cow, is set to be launched at this year’s Dairy Event and Livestock Show (6-7 September).

The CowKing Swing brush, from Dairy Spares, has been designed so it does not move beyond 45 degrees to ensure the best pressure on the cow to stimulate blood circulation.

The company’s technical manager, Tim Evanson, said: “Research has demonstrated that cattle brushes increase grooming time and frequency.

“As a consequence, this reduces stress and increases blood circulation. This has been proven to reduce the cases of clinical mastitis by more than 30%, and increase milk production by up to 1kg/day.”

The brush is 1m in length and is suitable for use on 50-60 cows. It has an RRP of £1,495 (+VAT), but customers placing orders at the Dairy Event will be given an offer price of £1,195 (+VAT).

Free gloves and Paintstik

In addition to the launch of the new rotating cattle brush, the company is giving away one pair of new Ebony long cuff black milking gloves and an All-Weather Paintstik heat detection crayon, to all visitors to the stand.

The gloves were launched last year, as the first black gloves available on the market, designed to allow farmers to easily identify mastitis when foremilk is stripped out.