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The National Sheep Association (NSA) has cut all lines of communication with Lynx UK Trust, who it claims has been using its findings to support its case for the reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx.

Last week, the NSA attended a Lynx UK Trust meeting in Kielder, Northumberland, where it was “dismayed” to find the conservation group was using NSA consultation work and results to garner support for its proposal.

“NSA has tried on many occasions to engage with Lynx UK and, following its meeting last week, where it attempted to misrepresent NSA’s position, has severed ties with the trust,” says Phil Stocker, chief executive of the NSA.

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Europe’s third largest predator after the brown bear and the wolf, the Eurasian lynx is thought to have been extinct in the UK and Ireland for 1,300 years.

Lynx UK Trust plans to apply for a licence this year to trial the reintroduction of the wild cat.

Last month, it identified Kielder Forest, which spans Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, as its preferred site for the trial.

While no formal application has been made for the pilot scheme, the NSA understands the proposal would see the release of 10 animals – five of each sex – into Kielder Forest.

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