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Tough tablet

New rugged tablet that can stand up to bumpy tractor cabs

Fendt monster

Fendt officicially introduces its 500hp monster tractor

What's in your shed?

From Scotland to Cornwall, see what kit is in these farmers' sheds

NAAC contractor charges

How much should you be charging or paying? See the charges for 2014-15

James Andrews

Online machinery editor


Power Farming

Academy: Free online training

  • Workplace transport

    Safeguard yourself, your workers and your business against transport accidents by managing risk.

  • Tyre management

    Improve your knowledge on extending tyre life, avoiding damage and correct tyre pressure.

  • Fertiliser storage

    Don't leave yourself open to theft - guidance on how to store fertiliser securely.

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What's in your shed?

Torque Talk

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