Though only in its second year, the Midlands Machinery Show at the well-known Newark Showground is growing fast.

It’s finding a good niche in providing smaller equipment that often doesn’t make it to the giant ag machinery shows.

That means you can find equipment that you normally might not be able to see at bigger shows.

Good examples of the sort of machinery you can expect to see are E Skinns’ impressive seed drill hopper, the unusual Dofygate gate for cattle yards plus lots of workshop tools, specialist handlers and fuel and hydraulic equipment.

Here’s a quick whizz through some of the machines; there are plenty more at the show.  

1. Lechler IDTA sprayer nozzle

Lechler sprayer nozzles

A new nozzle that delivers pesticide sprays with differently sized droplets at different angles forward and back is claimed to provide even distribution and high deposition on vertical targets.

The Lechler IDTA being shown by Altek UK has a one-piece body and cap for easy fitment and correct alignment on a spray boom and an injector insert that Lechler says can be removed without tools, even when wearing protective gloves.

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The new nozzle puts out a 120deg flat-fan angled 30deg forwards and a 90deg fan angled 50deg to the rear – which results in an equal swath width at the point of contact with the target.

Droplet size from the front jet is slightly smaller than from the rear, resulting in a greater number of droplets for effective coverage.

A Leraps three-star approval up to 5bar pressure shows the extent to which the new nozzle can be used to keep drift in check.

2. Alvan Blanch Double Flow crop dryers

Remote access touchscreen control and data download are among features of the latest Alvan Blanch Double Flow crop dryers, which have been re-engineered for lower cost operation.

Optional plenum insulation and optimised heat recovery from air warmed in the cooling section reduces fuel consumption by up to 15% compared with previous designs.

The company’s single conveyor dryers use low temperature heat for drying grain and “non granular” commodities such as AD plant digestate and woodchip-fuelling biomass boilers.

The dryers are Renewable Heat Incentive-compliant because they are suitable for low grade heat recovery from boilers.

3. Agrimech vegetable weighers

Agrimech veg weigher

Machinery dealership Burdens will show new vegetable weighers for bagging lines from Wisbech-based Agrimech Services at the Midlands Machinery Show (MMS).

Designed to weigh potatoes, onions and carrots into 25kg paper sacks, the weighers reportedly deliver class-leading accuracy at rates of 10t/hr for a single head unit, performing particularly well weighing large potato varieties.

The machines are constructed from high quality stainless steel for durability and to maintain their original appearance.

4. Mul-T-Lock NE Series padlocks

A new range of security padlocks being shown by C&J Supplies are available in 8-18mm open-or-closed-shackle designs with double ball-bearing locking.

The NE Series padlocks from Mul-T-Lock have a keyhole cover design said to be very effective at keeping out dust and water, making them more resistant to all weather.

All sizes are available keyed individually, alike (two or more of the same or different sizes sharing the same keys) or individually, but with a master key unlocking a number of padlocks.

5. Pichon slurry tankers and muckspreaders

Slurry mixers and mixer pumps are being shown on the Chandlers Farm Equipment stand.

The eight-model range from Pichon Industries adds to the French manufacturer’s slurry tankers and muckspreaders.

There are five B-Mix models from 4.5m to 10.5m and three pumping BP-Mix sizes from 6.5m to 10.5m.

Capacity is 10,000-litres/min and the BP-Mix models use a centrifugal pumping system related to the company’s FlowMaster self-loading slurry tanker.

Once mixed, slurry can be pushed through an 8in galvanised steel hose mounted on the chassis of the machine to a hydraulically operated rain-gun or to fill a slurry tanker.

Spec choices include 600mm or 700mm diameter propellers, 600mm to 800m screw pitch, protection for plastic-lined slurry stores and central greasing on the three largest sizes.

6. Dofygate Cattle Gate


New variations of the Dofygate Cattle Gate will be unveiled at MMS to suit a wider range of animals and applications.

They have the same design features as the original Livestock Gate, which contains animals by delivering a mild electric shock if touched but provides easy access to fields, yards, driveways on foot or by vehicle.

Dofygate’s 2.3m Quad Gate and 4.6m Livestock Gate with optional height extensions are being joined by the multi-bar Dog Gate for openings up to 4.2m wide, and similar multibar designs to suit other animals.

All are powered by solar-charged batteries and can be opened by key fob, mobile phone or security key pad.

7. E Skinns Rapid Drill Filler

Skinns drill hopper

Quicker and safer filling of seed drill hoppers is claimed for the Rapid Drill Filler being shown at the MMS by engineering company E Skinns.

The trailed unit has an 8t hopper mounted on a chassis with twin-axle running gear.

A high capacity auger in the base of the hopper and one positioned upright outside the front of the hopper convey seed to the top-mounted auger, which swings outwards to fill a seed drill drawn alongside.

Quick flow cut-off minimises the risk of over-filling, there are two access ports in the hopper for cleaning and inspection, and a rollover sheet to keep the seed grain dry.

8. Foster Industrial Hypertherm Powermax30 Air plasma cutter

Hypertherm Powermax 30 AIR

A portable plasma cutter with built-in compressor will be unveiled at the MMS by Foster Industrial as the latest addition to a range of cutters used for tractor and digger bucket repair and general farm maintenance.

The Hypertherm Powermax30 Air weighs 13.5kg and is small in size but can cut steel plate 10mm thick or more. An integral air supply means it can be used in the field without a separate compressor.

The new model’s capacity and ability to provide clean cuts will be demonstrated at the show says Foster Industrial, a distributor of cutting and welding supplies and equipment.

9. Hugh Crane Commando 1230QU pressure washer

Hugh Crane Commando 1230QU power washer

A diesel-powered industrial pressure washer will be launched by Hugh Crane Cleaning Equipment.

The Commando 1230QU is claimed to be the quietest independently powered pressure available.

Power is provided by a three-cylinder Isuzu liquid-cooled engine with electric start and cold weather heater.

It powers a pump delivering 200bar pressure at 30-litres/min.

10. Landquip demount for JCB 4000-series

A demount sprayer capable of working with triple-fold booms up to 36m wide for the first time will be unveiled by Landquip.

Designed for the JCB Fastrac 4000 Series tractor, the sprayer’s new chassis can be demounted from the Fastrac’s rear platform in about 10 minutes yet with a capacity of 2500 litres – plus a 1900-litre front tank giving 4,400 litres in total – is competitive with some of the largest dedicated self-propelled sprayers.

Good weight distribution is claimed for the outfit thanks to a close-coupled high-lift mast that carries booms 30m, 32m 34m or 36m wide, all capable of also spraying at 24m.

GPS-guided individual nozzle section switching is available using Landquip’s Poziflow continuous recirculation system, along with GPS variable rate fertiliser application.

Seletron twin- or quad-nozzle bodies are available, providing automatic selection to maintain spray quality at the optimum pressure.

11. Rapid Tractors shows compact loaders

Knipmops KM130 wheeled loader

A range of Belgian compact wheeled loaders will be launched by importer Rapid Tractors, the UK distributor of Sitrex haymaking equipment, Forigo power cultivators and flail choppers.

The hydrostatic drive articulated loaders range from 450-1,800kg lifting power and all but the smallest versions are available with conventional loader arms or telescopic booms.

That gives a choice of seven models from the  25hp KM90 with 650kg lift capacity to the 49hp KM250 with 1800kg loader lift and 1,700kg with the teleboom.

All have an open operator’s platform and a wide range of attachments for farm applications is available.

12. Ferobide wear-resistant welding material

Cultivator with ferobide welding working in field

A wear-protection material for cultivator tines, points and other soil-engaging equipment will be introduced by Manchester-based Tenmat, a UK manufacturer of specialised, high-performance engineering materials and components.

Ferobide is a new wear-resistant material that is claimed to have better impact and chipping resistance than traditional tungsten carbide grades.

It also has the practical advantage that it can be welded and easily cut using standard tools.

The material has been in development for more than three years, with field testing carried out on farms in the UK, Scandinavia and mainland Europe to refine the finished product.

Tenmat says Ferobide offers farmers targeted protection against wear while avoiding costly and specialist methods to install traditional tungsten carbide.

13. Tong data capture module for potato weighing platforms

Potato growers using Tong weighing platforms can add a new data-capture module that scans barcodes on potato storage boxes and subsequently records crop statistics for automated collation of crop information.

An integrated weigh platform for the company’s EasyFill box filling conveyors already enables automatic filling to a predetermined weight, points out Tong Engineering.

The data capture option assigns crop statistics such as box weight and crop size grade, time-stamps when the information is recorded and assigns traceability information from the crop’s load reference data – such as batch number, grower and variety – before automatically sending the data via ethernet connection to the operator’s SQL stock-control database.

14. Tuthill Fill-Rite RD8 fuel transfer pump

High-specification transfer pumps for fuels and flammable liquids will be unveiled by Derbyshire-based arm of US manufacturer Tuthill Transfer Systems.

The Fill-Rite RD8 (up to 30 litres/min) and RD12 (up to 45litres/min) pumps are made in cast aluminium, weigh 3.4kg apiece and have a manually-operated nozzle for flow control.

Other features include an explosion-proof motor, configurable inlet and outlet flanges, quick connect power cable, and an innovative hinged vane design that eliminates the need for a bypass.

The pumps can be foot mounted, handheld, or mounted on a drum or portable tank.