One of the great things about the Agritechnica show is that every type of machine and product is represented, from a new type of hand-tool to a sugar beet harvester that’s bigger than a semi-detached house.

Inevitably, there are far too many machines for us to cover comprehensively. But this quick online whizz through the new machinery aisles will give you a flavour of what’s on offer.

One thing that is striking is the increasing size (and cost) of machinery on offer to farmers and contractors. Horsepowers, too, keep pushing upwards, as do weights, widths and price-tags.

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So here are some of the new sprayers on show at Agritechnica 2015…


Rogators mark debut for challenger

Challenger RoGator

©Jonathan Page

Big kit specialist Challenger launched its debut trailed sprayer at the show. The two-model line-up includes 3,300-litre and 4,400-litre versions that pinch most of their working parts from their self-propelled equivalents.

It means the tried-and-tested 24m and 30m booms, suspension system, induction hopper and 800-litres/min filling pump have all been mounted to a new chassis. Track width can be changed from 1.5-2.25m and there will be a limited number of machines out and about in 2016.


Dammann reveals 7,000-litre self-propelled sprayer

Dammann 6R 1000

©Jonathan Page

Dammann has added to its self-propelled sprayer range with a new 7,000-litre, twin-axle machine.

To cope with the extra capacity, most of the components have been bulked-up including the Merc engine, which has had a 30hp injection to take output up to 272hp.

The hydraulic pump and wheel motors are also bigger, which allows the 50kph top speed to be achieved at a more civilised 1,600rpm.

Boom options range from 24m up to 39m and the 900-litre/min induction system means the tank can be brimmed in about seven minutes. The asking price is €330,000 (£235,000).


Big capacity from CHD

CHD Tandem

©Jonathan Page

Trailed sprayers don’t come much bigger than this epic 13,800-litre unit from Dutch company CHD.

The twin-axle frame also carries a pair of 650-litre clean water tanks and a set of 54m booms. Filling time is a shade over 8min if you spec the optional injector that takes induction to 2,000 litres/min.

Empty weight is 8t, so 220hp should suffice on the front, and both axles steer to help it negotiate corners. Asking price is €138,000 (£98,000).


Hydrostatic control with the Kverneland IX Drive

Kverneland iX Drive

©Jonathan Page

Plenty of new self-propelled sprayers worked their way out of the woodwork at this year’s show.

This one from Kverneland is based on an Italian-built Mazzotti tractor unit and has a Claas cabin up front and a six-cylinder Perkins engine providing the power.

Drive is hydrostatic, with a motor on each wheel, and ground clearance varies from 1.3m to 1.7m, depending on the option you pick. Track width can also be adjusted hydraulically from the cab.

The sprayer unit itself is almost identical to Kverneland’s trailed X-Track machines. That means it has a 5,000-litre tank and booms from 20m to 40m.