Up until now, John Deere’s prototype, four-track, articulated tractor designated the 9RX (at least for the time being) has had a lot in common with the infamous Big Foot.

A lot of people believe it exists. A few even swear they’ve seen one. And the internet is full of grainy pictures showing what might be it somewhere off in the distance.

But Deere has finally brought the elusive 9RX out into the open in North America, giving dealers and the media a very brief glimpse of its new 620hp prairie monster.

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“There is an exciting new 9-series tractor in development,” said the event’s master of ceremonies during the official launch show.

“We know your customers have been asking for it. And we thought it was important to give you a sneak peek at the prototype. Once the 9RX is realised, John Deere will be the only manufacturer to offer all configurations available in the four-wheel drive tractor market – wheeled, two track and four track.”

But, other than a brief outline, no one at Deere is giving away any details about the 9RX. We’ll just have to wait and see…