Security specialist Guardian has released a system for protecting tractors, diggers and HGVs from thieves.

Tractor and digger thefts cost the UK £36m in 2015 and are on the rise, but Guardian hopes its discreet device will cut the frequency with which they are taken.

The Norfolk firm offers a badgeless, hard-to-identify 17 x 8.5 x 5.3cm anti-theft box that fits to the tractor and is able to shut down the vehicle via a remote control.

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If thieves do manage to get inside the box they will have to make their way through a maze of bogus components, which should cause confusion and slow the them down further.

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The company also says there are millions of pairing configurations between the box and its remote controls, so there is no danger of duplication, cloning or hacking to get around the security provided.

It will set you back £1,275, but could prove a lot cheaper than replacing a machine.