Tetrax tyres

As farmers around Europe get increasingly worried about heavy machinery and the compaction that goes with it, a new idea from Belgian maker Joskin could help.

It’s pretty simple – four equal-size wheels in a row on the Tetrax 16000S slurry tanker allow the weight to be uniformly distributed across the width of the machine. The tyres are 650/85R38s with a wheel diameter of 2,070mm.

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Traction is said to be better and the tyre contact area on the ground means the vehicle weight is spread more evenly across the machine. The wheels are mounted in pairs on the running gear with each pair attached to the cradle under the tank.

It means the height of the vehicle can remain low and stability improved, says the company, thanks to the 3,230mm total width of tyres. A gap of 650mm between each tyre avoids friction between the sidewalls even with the vehicle fully loaded and the tyres bulging.

Having four tyres in a row also helps you carry a higher weight without exceeding the 10t EU max weight on any one axle of 10t, points out the company. So it is now possible to transport a 32,000-litre load of slurry – which is increasingly common in some European countries – in only two journeys.

The pump has a capacity of 8,000 litres slurry/min to speed filling at the edge of a field and cover the ground more quickly. The 16000S can also be fitted with all types of Joskin grassland or arable injectors or with spreading booms.