The range of forage wagons available from Reco in the Strautmann range includes a new model – the Mega-Vitesse which the manufacturer says combines the technical features of the larger Giga-Vitesse in a more compact design.

Reco Mega Vitesse

Available in three sizes, the Mega-Vitesse range comprises the 3001, 3401 and 3801, the major difference being the length of the machine and, as a result, its capacity.

When loading grass, its action mirrors that of other Strautmann forage wagons in that the grass entering the machine passes through an accelerator drum which spreads the grass before it enters the 40-blade cutting unit. Blades can be reversed and are protected from overload.

Once on board, the chopped grass is allowed to stack up until it makes contact with height sensors which then trigger the chain and slat floor to move rearwards. When full – the Mega-Vitesse 3401 models is said to hold 59 cu m of semi-compressed material – emptying at the clamp is achieved by opening the rear gate and using the chain and slats to draw the crop out.

Shod on tandem axles, the forage wagon weighs in at 8.8 tonnes and requires a minimum of 140hp to operate it.

Reco’s line-up of Strautmann forage wagons now includes the Mega-Vitesse models which offer capacities from 52.2 cu m to 66.6cu m.

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